Man records rare dark straight line blocking a rainbow

So many strange things are happening in the sky; on May 17, 2018 a man sees a strange bank of clouds in the sky and begins recording while driving.

It looks like a dark straight line blocking a rainbow but could it be a cloud shadow or there is something between the cloud and the rainbow that blocks the rainbow.



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    1. wow. just wow. the edge of a mountain? really? Follow the line of your 'mountain's edge (still makes me groan and facepalm 2 minutes later)' towards the thundercloud... see that little puff of bright white cloud? see how the top of it is where the line would intersect if visible? it's what is blocking the godray from illuminating the rest of the rainwall and becoming diffracted in raindrops and continuing the rainbow. Edge of a mountain lol.... don't stop being you, man.


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