UFO fires on fast moving object in the sky over Michigan?

On May 8, 2018 ‘Watchingtheskysabove’ was driving the Michigan roads when he noticed that the skies looked a little weird like they’ve been looking lately, so he pointed his cellphone to the sky not knowing what he would capture.

The footage shows two fast moving unknown objects in the sky over Michigan when suddenly several red glowing objects, like some sort of plasma balls, appear close to the first flying object.

A closer look at the footage shows a UFO at some distance from the first object. Although I am not sure whether the red glowing objects are just flares or that the UFO has fired some sort of energy weapon towards the first flying object, it is noticeable that the position of the UFO, which is visible in just a few frames of the footage, is in a straight line with the red glowing objects and the first flying object.