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Antarctica mystery base discovered on Google Earth

Conspiracy Depot has discovered a mystery base in Antarctica of which I cannot identify. 

The closest national base is 200 miles away and belonging to Norway. 

Even Google Earth has blacked out a large object which radiates a blue glow. 

Size large blacked out object: 45 x 22 meters.

Sizes other objects are 110 x 10 meters and 80 x 8 meters. 

Coordinates for unknown base: 75° 0'46.98"S 0° 4'52.71"E



  1. It is the Kohnen-Station, a German summer-only polar research station in the Antarctic.
    More details here:

  2. Well done! You've rediscovered Kohnen Station! I'm sure the people at the Alfred Wegener Institute who run the station will be very pleased for your help locating their Antarctic research station.

  3. Sure its not Kohnen Station?
    If its not; like if we could rule that out, we have something major here!

  4. It's not Kohnen Station. Being familiar with survey coordinates and global positioning, I believe Kohnen can be ruled out.

    1. You do not know what you are talking about 'Unknown'. The coordinates of Kohnen Station as given by Wikipedia are 75°00'S, 00°04'E. A second of latitude is roughly 100 feet and a second of longitude at 75 degrees south is roughly 26 feet. Thus, the official coordinates of Kohnen Station are within a very short distance of those given in this blog post (which are given to too-high a level of precision for an object so large, BTW). If you type 'Kohnen Station, Antarctica' into Google Maps you are taken to exactly this structure.


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