Huge cylinder UFO filmed in New York identical to UFO filmed over Lake Norman

On Aug 19, 2018 a huge cylinder shaped UFO has been filmed in New York. The witness stated that something strange happened on a sunny day when he noticed a huge UFO in the sky upon he started to film the object that slowly moved forwards.

The appearance of this UFO comes shortly after a similar UFO appeared above Mooreesville NC, Lake Norman.

The witness who recorded a shaky footage of the UFO above Lake Norman said: “I was at work and it had been raining all morning. Rain finally stopped so we went to pick up a boat from Lake Norman. When came around the corner I saw this thing sitting still very close.”



  1. zeplin blimp? has the right shape and things jutting in the right places.

  2. This has already been discredited as a blimp by the advertising company who own it.


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