Plane Passenger films huge UFO camouflaged as cloud over Sate of Gujrat, India

A passenger has filmed a strange object in a clear sky during his flight at high altitude over the State of Gujrat, India on September 24, 2018.

The video shows the cloaked UFO and images of the people inside the plane before the camera turns back to the cloaked UFO.

The object hovers above the actually layer of clouds. Given the distance from the UFO to the plane, the object must be huge.



  1. after years of research I come to the point that the so called plejadian species (we remember "Billy Meier" and others), are in fact absolutely human beings! The progeny of the vril society. Their legacy and ideology is a real good one!For the good of planet earth, nature and so for humanity!! They understood the absolute necessity of living in harmony with the nature! Not to exploit as we do!!! Money, money, money!!! That's all we built our civilization of! That's so poor, like the ferengis of star trek. Just profit! That's all what is life about??... Absolutely no! All the antigrav technology is already in use since the 40th!free energy since the 40th!!!!that sucks!! Our civilization is founded on eagerness for power and money! For the good of few and for suffer of a lot!!! No!!! F.... you for sure. But now about the photo here. The shape is a typical shape of the underworld species. There is a human species developed underground in caverns. Our governments call it "underland"!! There inside a human community live their ideology. a) live in harmony with the nature b) just one world government, the goal of learning the higher laws of harmony with all c) one religion, the belief of creation being the highest level of understanding. And when we compare the shop (cloud) here with the ships and shapes many contactees like Billy Meier, "Manni, the one who took the Miami pictures", presented by Randolph Winter in the"plejadian Mission " documentary, there is the similarity between the" cloud UFO " and the crafts these community are building. So...We could have such a good place to live, if there wouldn't be these eagerness for power and money beings!!! It is a very dangerous way we are going.we exploit the whole planet to the point when it is to much and everything will collapse. We're too stupid to stop, although we understand. And that's what pisses me of. We don't act like this, because we don't know better. We act like this because we are such a bad character! Earning money as long as it goes!! No matter what animals, plants and important developments the planet needs for staying in balance! As long we can get money from our stupid behavior, we do it. I hope that these community with it's highly advanced technology can kick our damned politics into the... We could live in a world without pollution of environment!! We just have to stop saying:"economy first, protection of our environment second"!! That sucks!We 'll see...


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