Strange fireball-shaped object hovering in the sky over Toronto

The city’s skies lit up Thursday evening with what appeared to be a fireball-shaped object hovering in the night sky.

The mysterious, large ball appeared before midnight, prompting reports of UFO sightings in Pickering and Scarborough.

The strange glowing orb flickering in the eastern sky caused quite a stir on social media, one user said just hovered in the sky instead of moving or disappearing.

It looks like the mysterious light source, is coming from below a disk shaped object then the footage shows also a smaller orb flying away from the light source.



  1. This is a search flare. A fisherman's boat was found earlier in the afternoon without its owner. A major search and rescue was conducted all night and over the next few days. His body was found at the Pickering shoreline on Sept. 11.


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