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Flying Saucer filmed over Lake Tahoe, Nevada

On October 20, 2018 a family went to Lake Tahoe for vacation. They got a tour on a boat on the lake.

A family member filmed the lake before the tour begins. After they got home he checked the video and noticed that an object flew with tremendous speed over the lake.

He said that he did not see the object while filming the lake. The video has submitted to Mufon for further investigation.

The UFO appears at 00.07 seconds in the video.



  1. The problem with these videos is they can be manipulated and faked. This one looks good

  2. There are actually two objects of the same appearance moving together! If you keep stopping the video after about 17 seconds you can see them. This film needs to be analyzed frame by frame.

    1. That's video artifacts caused by the way video is recorded.

  3. No such thing,.. nasa, seti, astronomers and most ufologists say so. They never tell lies. Here's the trooph..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Probably an experimental aircraft because why would the USAF allow a potentially hostile craft enter their air space without challenging it?

    1. Challenging has been shown to be fruitless. It would be like a sardine trying to neutralize a great white shark. We are dealing with technologies eons ahead of us in time.

    2. (1) I would also like to remark that my late father as a member of the U.S 8th Army Aircorps ( 1943 - 1945 ) during WW II came pretty close to one of these flying disks and it scared the hell out of him. The object followed him and then took off at lightning and disappearing speed into the starry night sky.

      (2) My late cousin as a member of the US Airforce during the early to mid 1950s worked in the TelType Operations high Security Operation room at the AirForce Base ( US Section of the Portugal Lajes Field )in the Azores. He informed me many years after he had retired that the operation s room would get about 2 or so important UFO reports a month where they would often send out jets for interception to no avail. Then during the Washington DC UFO wave of 1952 the operations room was clogged with UFO reports 24/7 for about 2 weeks.

  6. This looks so fake that it's staggering! LOL!

  7. How is it possible for a video camera to catch something moving that fast and have as clear of a pic as it does

  8. This is real ! if you notice the frames per seconds and the speed of the object !

  9. Look towards Greenland in March of 2018

  10. The guy in the cap seems to be tracking the movement of the object (does he know it's there?).


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