Men in Black Caught on Tape - Real Footage

This video was sent to ApexTV by a man who works as a security guard for a law office in Alaska. He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera in the main lobby.

What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself. Due to the appearance of the strange man, many people online have come to the conclusion that this is an actual sighting of the infamous men in black, who are said to be the ones who keep witnesses of strange events quiet about what they have seen.

Following the mysterious men in black footage Apex TV was recently able to get in contact with Nicole, who claims to be the woman from the video who appeared to have been taken by the men in black.

In a live interview with Nicole, Apex TV attempt to sort out exactly what happened in the strange piece of security camera footage.

According to Collective-Evolution it turns out that the reason for the encounter, as stated by Nicole, was simply to inquire about her pictures and her experience she had with some friends.

While she and her friends were hiking, she came across a cave and decided to check it out on her own in the morning. The cave, as she describes, was lined with crystals, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

The Men in Black, seemed to be very curious if she saw anything while she was in the cave. After the encounter, she said she was given a vaccine. She wasn’t supposed to remember anything when she woke up as she was told, but she does. There also seems to have been telepathic communication.

Regardless of whether or not we know that this encounter is genuine, it is certainly worth considering given how much it aligns with other well documented Men in Black encounters.



  1. Complete B.S. Get a grip. Why is he whispering? Why is he being so dramatic?Total crapitola!

  2. I believe in the genre. First impression, this looks like a cute home made movie. Its done in a manor which allows no further corroboration.

  3. Very interesting and amazing being. Why are they keeping themselves in such a big secret. We could learn so much from them.

  4. It is all FAKE, ApexTV is well known for their fake videos, the time traveller was a fantastic fake, everything about this channel is fake, don't believe it for one minute

  5. The man whispering talks too much like a person trying to convince you of something. He repeats his whole script about 3 or 4 times. He's trying to heighten the tension and mystery, but repeating over and over is a sure sign of being scripted, bad acting and fraud. Real MIB don't abduct people as far as I've heard; they just muscle them and threaten. Isn't he suppose to have a black fedora?
    Nice try.

  6. I believe in geners with action & my thoughts is it will be going to rock


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