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Linda Moulton Howe Reveals What Extraterrestrials Really Want!

Whistleblowers from the military and government explain that Earth is caught in the middle of a battle to retain ownership of our planet, and we are simply pawns in a galactic chess game.

Linda Moulton Howe conveys information she has collected from several insiders who have come forward to reveal what they know about extraterrestrial races, long-term genetic projects involving humans and much more.



  1. How very disturbing to think we are only androids with no after life. I can see why the Govs don't want us to know.

    1. earth counting machines will fail to count galaxies and human civilization will take billion years to develop advance technologies to contact extraterrestrials, keeping in mind distances lol

  2. This makes alot more sence than 2 people named adam and eve populated a entire planet so were android expements? So now what ? Whats next?

  3. Maybe this is truly a prison planet. The government has a stake in it!

    1. Thats some mighty fine stuff you must be smoking...LOL

  4. Focusing on Man:
    The Bible says that God created man on the Earth so that he could search for him, God, and find him out, which is a spiritual activity on the level of our hearts and minds, as obedient children, learning from him and living with him. It says that God is "bringing many sons unto glory" to live with him in light and love which is holiness.

    God is good. But he created man with a sovereign free will. He obviously created angels with free will also. Those who rebelled he used in the Earth as an evil influence to give man a clear choice. No he didn't create them evil. Those same evil beings have been trying to get into human flesh for a long time. They tried possession, which Jesus put a stop to during his time on Earth by casting them into the Abyss, except for a few he allowed to die in a host of pigs. Now it seems that those evil beings, since they are not allowed to possess in Christ's kingdom on Earth, are trying a hybridization project to get back on the bus of human flesh in order (they hope) to attain to life and glory.

    So all of the lies, and indeed some whoppers, being told to us about being from other planets and such along with the "Roddenberry" fantasy about joining their league of planets, is simply to deceive us into accommodating them and aiding them in their quest, when all the other generations of mankind have been able to recognize how evil these beings are and rejected them in revulsion. That tells you how degenerate we have become in our "modern age of enlightenment."

    So the whole history of man has been about death. What happens to our spirits when we die? As Jesus said, "If you believe not that I am he, [i.e. the one] you will die in your sins."
    Sin separates us from God. And that is the death Jesus came to destroy, the one with a capital "D".


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