Partially cloaked Triangle UFOs caught over Melbourne, Florida and the Netherlands

Last week, the same type of a triangle-shaped UFO has been caught on camera over Melbourne, Florida and the Netherlands.

Image left: Triangle UFO/TR-3B the Netherlands - Image right: Triangle UFO/TR-3B Melbourne, Florida

Despite that both UFOs are partially cloaked, the upper part of the hull is still visible between the clouds.

The question is "What are these things and what they are doing in our skies?"

Image: Triangle UFO/TR-3B the Netherlands 

These objects are UFOs controlled by an intelligent alien race? Or more likely, we are looking at the next generation man-made triangle craft.

It is quite possible that both craft are updated versions of the TR-3B which is part of a reverse-engineering black project.

In the next video Mrmb333 talks about these two objects.


  1. TR3B is a USA navy anti-gravity space craft

  2. Cannot be a ufo. Nasa, seti, astronomers repeatedly tell us there are no intelliugently controlled et craft visiting... that what we see are geese, reflections, photoshop, hallucinations, (Carl Sagan) etc. Millions know otherwise . They have opened Swiss Billy Meier's site There you'll get instant disclosure. These 70 year and ongoing et contacts are well written up in The Pleiadian Mission by US psychologist R Winters who spent many months with Meier. This et race claims common ancestry with many here, are 8500 years ahead in tech. meds. and 'interaction' with The Laws of Ceation.. that being the main purpose of their visits over several millennia.

  3. Meh...could be a UFO...but are there any pics of it not in the clouds? I've seen similar "ufo" pictures that end up being a reflection of the camera's internal shutter parts.


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