Triangle UFO over Pentagon

In the bizarre clip, what appears to be a giant black triangle can be seen hovering over the US Department of Defence.

Although the footage is dark, changes to the exposure of the video show the mysterious shape as it looms eerily above the Pentagon.

The footage recorded on December 19, 2018 has sparked much debate. While some say it is just a reflection in the camera others are convinced that it is the infamous black triangle TR-3B craft.

Below the footage edited by by ufocasebook.



  1. "UFO" seen on 12/19. Full moon was on December 22, so find out where in the sky it was at that time. Also, not everyone watching this is a "guy".

    1. Chill out. It's a generic term. No need to get bent out of shape.

  2. Someone's sending a message to the warmongers, aren't they?

  3. Maybe finally, a power greater than the US is hinting that enough is enough!

  4. It is fake, CGI done as an Art project, found out about it through Secure Team youtube channel


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