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Crystal Clear V-Shaped Alien Craft Photographed over Failsworth, GB

A crystal clear image of a V-shaped alien craft has been photographed over Failsworth, GB. on October 22, 2018.

The photographer couldn’t believe what he saw, he looked down, rubbed his eyes and looked back up and it was still there, it slowly glided past him over his house.

According to photographer more people must have seen the UFO which started to materialize in the sky from being cloaked.

The photographer has long doubted whether he would make the remarkable photo public or not, on which he decided to send the photo to the Mutual UFO Network, last week.

Since the photo has been taken outdoors we can exclude that the object is a reflection in a window and though V-shaped UFOs have been previously photographed the clear image of this craft is truly amazing showing many details of the alien craft.

We may wonder whether these type of UFOs are responsible for the mystery booms and sounds heard around the world. Could it be that the mysterious booms and sounds are caused by air displacement when these kinds of UFOs arrive in our atmosphere?


  1. Hard to tell but I hope it's authentic!

    1. This is why they are spraying chemtrails in the air. They are using the particulates in hope to catch cloaked objects. Once an cloaked object gets impacted by the previously sprayed chemicals in the atmosphere, it will show up just like this.. a shiny glimmer and a blot on radar, or on any software that they use to track nano or regular particulates in the atmosphere. I do not doubt after this object was detected, they started spraying heavily in that area, also sending out unmarked helicopters with very sensitive equipment on board to try tracking these things.

      I do expect more of these cloaked objects getting detected and impacted by chemicals sprayed in the atmosphere.

  2. I and a friend saw a very similar one on an afternoon in Regina Sask. Canada. About 2015. It was fast and we didn`t hear a noise then it quickly went North. It was quite low and I estimated it to be about 30-40ft each side.

    1. I saw one exactly like you described in September 2018. It had three bright lights and vanished over the treeline as it quickly went south.

  3. Why assume it's alien?
    The Deep State and Co. have stolen tens of trillions of dollars.
    Ever heard of D-Wave?

  4. NOT 'truly' outside.... as you can see, theres a shadow from the van in the forefront of the picture that I believe the photo was taken from. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts it's some kind of artifact from the passenger window... reflection or 'other'.

  5. X chemtrail residue
    Get over it.

  6. SInce square edges on a vapor trail marking a specific area.

  7. Another fussy picture that won't prove anything, too bad !

  8. Looks more like a projection to me. With all the MANDELA EFFECTs I see lately, hard to tell what is real anymore. Guess thats the idea though.

  9. Its the reflection from the van passenger door.


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