"The Light" A Reality From The Other Side

The universe runs according to a perfect plan and consciousness appears to be on going when the brain is shut down are some of the realities they have experienced during their NDE.

Inspirational experiences of Dr. Anthony Cicoria, Dr Sam Parnia, David Bennet and Anne Horne who have had Near Death Experiences and their thoughts and insight into who we are and our place in the universe.

Anne Horne "I was alone in the light and it was surrounding me. The feeling of love was like a bliss,total ecstatic bliss! There was love, joy, knowledge, Wisdom, an incredible feeling of beauty. The light was me, I was the light!"



  1. My heart stopped for 2 minutes 5 years ago. I never saw any light. I saw myself across the room, which I didn't recognise at first. Then it was dark, I could hear 'Dr's and nurses describing my condition. But no angels or lights etc.


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