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Astrophysicist claims ‘Intelligent Aliens won’t be Humanoids’

Based on the sheer number of stars in the galaxy alone... The odds that alien life exists out there are high. But how does that affect us here on Earth? RT asked Professor Adam Frank, astronomer, physicist and author.

Professor Adam Frank states “We think we’ve been looking for exo-civilisations for years, but the real search yet to start, there are trillions of planets where life can thrive and develop advanced civilisations.”

We not only know the world well enough to model how planets and civilisations evolve together but we also can estimate how use of different energy sources affects planet by using simulations and climate change shows, from perspective of the universe, humanity is a teenage species.

It’s crazy to expect mass exodus from Earth in immediate future, no plan B planet for us, we can’t hope to live in space before learning how to live in Earth’s ecosystem and it remains to be seen if evolutionary laws work the same under different conditions.

We mustn’t think that intelligent aliens will be humanoid, universe is full of surprises.



  1. Did this guy just say he is not one that believes in UFOs? Coooooommmmeeeeee on. If alien races even care about us mere ants right now they are laughing their antennas off at this guy. Their secret is safe with humans being as nuts as this guy. Did she said alien races are 'scared'? LOL. Ahhh, the human ego. And what about inter dimensional civilizations? Just crazy stuff. Thank goodness the average person is smarter than this guy. Just, WOW !!11


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