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Iranian Military shooting at fast moving UFO near Pakistani Border

The video was recorded on the night of 7 September 2019 by a soldier of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the position of the anti-aircraft.

The footage shows how the anti-aircraft artillery opens fire on an unidentified aircraft in the city of Saravan which is located on the border with Pakistan, in the border area of ​​Sistan and Iranian Baluchistan.

The military believe that it was a UAV spy drone but since this bright glowing UFO moves so fast, stops mid-air, turns instantly, and immediately accelerates to hypersonic speed it is more likely that it must have been something equipped with classified technology.

Video clip of the Iranian military shooting on a UFO near the Pakistan border.
Update September 19, 2019:

Thanks to our reader Michael; it turns out that it not was the Iranian military shooting on a UFO but over 50 machine guns struggle to shoot down an LED covered remote control airplane at the Big Sandy Night Shoot near Wikeup, Arizona on March 23rd, 2019.

Below the original footage.



  1. amazing video. The craft is definitely mind controlled, the instant vertical maneuver was amazing. Up down up down. The white glow proofs ionization of the electromagnetic field that rotates around the craft. They never got a hit, not one. But the V shape gives me some information. This shape is used by the US militaries black projects. And Iranian border...?!!!

  2. That clip is from a VHS tape of a machine gun shooting club in Arizona. I have a copy of this video, and it is NOTHING to do with Iran, or UFOs. After shooting awesome full auto guns all day, they brought out several fast drones, with LED lights on each one, and tried to shoot them down. It was a grand finale, with tracer rounds flying after remotely piloted drones. They had at least three big drones, and it takes a lucky shot to bring them down. I'm absolutely sure this is from that machine gun VHS tape. I can dig up the name of the tape, if anyone is interested. UPDATE: OK, found it: "MACHINE GUN MAGIC, a gourmet guide to the joy of full auto shooting", published by Dillon Productions, 7442 E Butherus Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, phone 800-421-7632. No date on the tape or case, but probably came from the late 90's to mid 2000's, in a blue VHS tape. To buy the video on ebay, search "Fire Storm In The Desert Machine Gun Magic VHS Tape Guide To Full Auto Shooting" The burning spots in the background are brush fires, started by the tracer rounds, on the surrounding mountain ridge. The burning spot in the foreground is drone #2 which was shot down a few seconds before the youtube starts. At the start of the VHS tape, they said the ammo was going to cost something astronomical, like $100,000 for a half million rounds.

  3. They are monitoring the situation and know war is near. They will be showing up more and more over the next little while for sure. Are they trying to help, warn or are they creating the chaos???? Your guess is as good as any - any of you.

  4. I'm not sure about this one, it definitely evades and also changes shape...BUT at the end of the video the light/shape, seems to go behind a curtain. Anyone else think this?

  5. Can't agree. The flight pattern is definitely not aeronautic! It is anti gravity, at some point that clear, you can't deny (the abrupt up down ones!!!). And drones with lights, even lights every inch, with hundreds of lights, wouldn't look like that! This craft structure glows completely!!!!

  6. And that USA interferes with all tricks to push their goals, isn't new! Remember Irak... nuclear facilities the US secret service allegedly found and excuses their military intervention, was a lie!!! No facilities were found, but they had their reasons to attack. Same here? Iran is a problem for their eagerness for power and control!!! Because they have ET technology also and they want Iran down. So they are searching for new reasons, like the attacks on the arabian oil facilities. Would not be surprised if they had attacked the oil facilities ;-)

  7. They guys are laughing in the video, pretty sure it is nothing out of the ordinary...

  8. I agree about them having ET technology, of course they do and have had for a long time. When they took all those German scientists to the states to assist in space programs and such don't you think they had ET technology taken at the same time and probably before hand to with downed ET saucers etc. They back engineered them and now have probably produced all kinds of other types using that same advanced technology. Hell, Hitler was super involved in all of that and his scientific team was into all of that big time. There is no doubt that some of the hits, maybe even the oil fields recently, was orchestrated by our guys but you know what? Doesn't matter if anyone figures it out because no one will believe you coming forward with it anywho. Their secret is safe, people are too paranoid and too scared to talk and even if they do like I said no one will believe them. Perfect. Look how many sightings of just regular UFOs are reported all the time. You would think thousands of reports all over the world for years and years would bring disclosure. HELLLOOOOO, not going to happen.


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