Ancient Artefacts Photographed By Curiosity? - Feb 3, 2013

A new series of strange unknown anomalies photographed by Curiosity Mars rover. Obviously it is difficult to say exactly what these objects are. Just rocks or perhaps a reference to ancient civilizations on Mars.

The anomalies were found on two photographs out of the series SOL-0177.

First Image: Mars Hand Lens Imager - 2013-02-03 23:50:50 UTC

Second Image: Mars Hand Lens Imager - 2013-02-03 23:58:58 UTC

Image 1 / anomalies - Link:

Pic. 1: Original image Nr. 1 shows the first anomaly.

Pic. 2: Enlarged image of the first anomaly ( Strange rock with an unnatural notch and something what looks like a piece of scrap on top of the rock).

Image 2 / anomalies - Link:

Pic.3: This image shows the original horizontal picture Nr. 2 and the same picture rotated.

Pic. 4: Image shows several unknown objects taken from picture Nr. 2

Pic. 5: Enlarged image of a figure. Clearly visible is the head, torso, two arms and legs, and something like a drum between the legs (Taken from image Nr. 2 rotated). 

Pic. 6 - Enlarged images of several unknown objects taken from picture Nr. 2.


  1. I would really like to see that dragon and drummer but i don't, On first picture though, that notch on a side seems interesting, since it has quite unusual sides. Hope, there will be more photos that looks more as description they will have...

  2. Looks like ancient rocks to me...good imagination

  3. OK, now THAT is definitely artificial. Not natural formation.
    You dont Need an imagination for logic to take place.

    I think we are looking at ancient ruins for sure.
    The unnatural notch rock with the supposed scrap on top are the best examples.


  4. Sigh!
    Isn't plain old wind erosion amazing?

    1. It may or may Not be an artifact in this particular case. And it clearly is "some thing". But one thing it is Not, is Wind erosion.


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