Bright Object Caught on ISS Cam and Crew talks about Russian Meteor and Asteroid DA14 - Feb 17, 2013

A bright unknown object viewed from the ISS Cam on February 17, 2013.

The object is moving along at the same speed as the earth. More and more unknown objects are seen by the ISS crew.

The ISS crew also talked about the Russian meteor and asteroid DA14 ( video 2).You can hear the astronaut stutter and flounder. This may indicate that he knows more than we are told.


Text conversation in English: 

The fact that there is a service that keeps track of all flight paths of objects that are flying past the ISS orbit trajectory.

There are certain parameters on which we move around the Earth. And, if the projected computing power, it is likely that the outer body slam not us specifically, but it is in such great shape space as the ISS, then we were warned, but, as the world already knew and tracked the object, they Earth warned us in advance for two days before and was told that the object is flying at a certain speed and a certain size, but do not worry, because the entity does not meet your path.

On this, we reacted calmly to it and for us it is not a problem. If there was something threatening, then it would have warned us would give a telegram that says, be prepared to take their places in a space ship, to be prepared and redocking orbiting ISS, that would make the maneuver against meteorite.

In this case, we had information about the flight of the object and the object will fly by. - Roman, thank you very much. I wanted to ask about that: Have you seen or not seen at least something? Because you are warned that you are safe, and the people of Russia had not been warned about the danger.

And you did not see anything? (After this issue, the Russian astronaut begins to flounder in the conversation, showing the withholding of information ...)

If we are talking about the current meteorite, which was, and about the meteorite, about which I say .... (You can see that the astronaut is nervous and confused words .....)

We learned about the meteorite only an hour after the meteorite flew into the atmosphere and disintegrated over Chelyabinsk. The information we got, we got the news, we immediately looked on the internet and all the pictures we've seen, where the sports hall broken window, embossed plastic window on the balcony.

I think it is not very great destruction. - You do not usually affected so many people and the damage is very large. - Humans are now not sure that people have some sort of protection or warning system from meteorites and life on earth is not protected from external forces. (You can hear the astronaut stutter and flounder. This may indicate that he knows more than we are told.)