Mars Curiosity: Real Martian Soldier - Hieroglyph 2013

Martian hieroglyph which I have called Martian Soldier.

Artefacts can clearly be seen in the picture. Rock carvings of dogs, a lion, a humanoid head a deer head, a pair of shoes, fossilised humanoid type bone and fossilised child's foot.

The scene gives us an insight into Martian culture.

I imagine this scene could be of what was the garden of a stonemason where he worked and displayed his goods.

His children played there sometimes barefoot just leaving their shoes lying on the ground. They played with their own pets and some of their fathers carvings.

Perhaps Mars will teach us as much about planet Earth and ourselves as it does about itself. It certainly demonstrates how tenuous life is and how

Link original image:

source and credits: Michael Witter


  1. Maybe I Am Not Very Creative Or Its Just That I Dont Have A Good Imagination. It Says That You Can CLEARLY See These Items. Im Really Trying But Just Looks Like Moon Rocks?????? Nothing special

  2. lol, too funny. Good one mate.

  3. Its called Pareidolia,seeing patterns or shapes like faces in objects. Sadly nothing more!.

  4. Agree with arena7. Pareidolia is common on this site. Proof of anything man made is limited until they have a rover go up to it and we get a full disclosure. Carved shoes? That's stretching it. I hate when mere rocks make people believe they see things, spend your time being productive. Rocks are just rocks, we already know Mars had primordial type life.


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