26 Miles Wide UFO Mothership - UFO and Alien Disclosure Project 2013

Whether you believe or disbelieve that extraterrestrial craft exist and the US Military have their own Secret Space Fleet (project solar warden), during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, Dr. Steven Greer talks about the existence of a 26 Miles-Wide UfO Mothership.

Also it is said that there is a 2.3 Trillion Dollars Unaccounted Funds in Black OPs. EMP, Scalar and Weaponize Space. The cost of the secret space project Solar Warden is probably financed by this fund. Gary McKinnon, he found evidence of the Solar Warden secret program.

 Yes its true Aliens have been in contact with our government. It is also true that agreements have been made and kept secret from the people. An advice from ETs by Paul Heller former Minister of Defense of Canada.

 And so when we successfully petitioned the White House and asking the U.S. government to acknowledge formally that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings, the U.S. government stated that they have no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.

Opinion polls now indicate more than 50 percent of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80 percent believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon.

There is an extraterrestrial presence and President Obama is well aware of this. Besides, it is said that Obama was involved in the Mars Program (project Pegasus) as a young adult. He has been well aware of life on other planets.


  1. Amazing comments made by these people, I have a lot of respect for the guys at sirius, he talks with great integrity, you can just tell in his tone of voice. If the government has broken so many promises why are the ET race not coming forth, are they scared of the impact it might have on them or our planet? Maybe they fear what the government or secret service is capable of and no doubt will be planting the next false flag of alien invasion or threat, so when the day does arrive the public will be all for attacking UFO's who are really here for the best intentions.

    1. They aren't afraid of anybody. That's just asinine. But revealing themselves would only serve to disrupt their secrecy. Not many believe in the validity of things like 'The Blue Planet Project', or things that Sirius talk about, and it's that uncertainty, that doubt, that allows the ETs to continue their mission. If they come forth, the doubt humans have will be gone, and, therefore, their ability to carry out their clandestine operations.

    2. The BLUE PLANET PROJECT book has some interesting illustrations of different types of aliens. It is also claimed that they were smuggled out by a government scientist working on top secret projects with aliens. Could they be real?

  2. The only thing human must prepare for is gathering enough food in cans and bottles/gallons of water. When famine arrive, many will not survive without food and clean water. Those are the utmost important.

    1. ...yes...do these things and you will no doubt live forever...do forgive my jest at your concern for the survival of your flesh...of the utmost importance?...I am envisioned the image of a child occupied with the capture of soap bubbles...in the moment, all there is...do be well...

    2. WF.
      Thank you for teaching me some thing I did not realize I was in need of learning.
      In trying to formulate how to address to you my concern over your often condescending nature, I asked my self, how would I like to be told, if it was ME.
      This brought about an whole new look at self that I had not realized was in the need.

      First. When I am spoken to in a condescending tone, I bristle, withdraw like a pin prick. It motivates me to treat others in same fashion, and I do so with a talent which few others can match. I sadly have come to Pride my self on it.
      Examining it in you has helped me with realizations which will aid in my own growth.
      That though all lessons like rivers lead to the ocean, some cause temporary restrictions and flow in the minds of those not yet ready to grasp the lesson.
      Invariably this stymies, all be it temporarily the learning and growing process.
      Yes yes, all is part of the river, such small things are indeed small in the larger scheme of things.
      But, I endeavor to be a Not serve self. And to inspire such notions and reflex's in others. I cannot Make people move to immediate growth before they are ready, but I can inspire those whom are ready rather than hinder them further.

      I see you as a wise and experienced entity. I perhaps lift you to a pedestal inappropriately and see in you that which I Hope to see, Want to see, weather it is there or not.
      This is My failing and no fault of yours.
      Even You how ever were at a level of experience, denial,self imposed blindness, or disassociation, once upon a time as were those you speak to at times as if you were looking down your nose at them.
      I wonder how deeply i will learn this lesson I have stumbled upon.
      How many reminders I will need before it can become a part of my own pattern to not condescend.
      I suspect it will not be over night.

      I wonder, if any one Else will look to them self, and learn some thing from what I am attempting to point out.

      This rhetoric is directed at NO specific post or thread.
      Thank you for teaching me. Condescension does Not become the higher being I aspire to be. Nor the manor I would desire to pass on wisdom.


    3. many words to few words are like many miles to a few blocks to the same destination. a wise person speaks because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he feels he has to say something. Whether we need to plan for survival or salvation is in the hands of our maker, if we survive all that is forthcoming, hidden manna will be revealed to us.

  3. I fear that if mankind won't fix it's problems soon, that the aliens may let us go the way of the dinosaurs and simply clear the board and start again, as they have before. I'd be putting all world effort into protecting our planet from killer meteors ASAP.

  4. Wow, what can i do? Everyone stop and ask

  5. If i could ask of them one thing it would be to give me the power knowledge and protection from harm to save this planet as fast as i can.I love this place its my home as well as all of yours.Something has to be done.Something has to change! NOW!

  6. I dont think its the alien objective we have to fear...

    1. No of course its not, its our monetary system that first needs reflection & change the ramifications of this system have caused most of the ignorance, addiction, sickness & major problems we now face, the sustainability & management of earths resources are #1 to take of, aliens come second. I mean if they had no problem traveling across the universe I'm sure they would never had a problem landing so I'm not sold on aliens being here or near bye, I know there is other life in the universe, chemistry is too rich, universe to vast to suggest otherwise, but for them to have come here & actually communicate with us....I still find very unlikely

    2. They are here.
      Their reasons Only escape those whom have Not done their home work.

      Let me put some thing Very simple into perspective.
      Lets say YOU fly across half a galaxy, and you find an intelligent world with life.
      You can contact their governments, OR, You can land in plain public and announce your presence to the new world, likely causing great upset to the order of things, and a great deal of potential resentment with the powers that be on that world for doing so.
      Will you land in public? or will you have covert communications with their governments instead?

      Ask your self this in an Honest capacity.


  7. This should come out, yesterday. No more denials, no more wondering. Let the real discussion begin.

  8. If we can prove ourselves worthy of their help they'll help. If not we die. The sooner we forget about money and focus on making this planet and ourselves better the sooner the truth shall reveal itself.

  9. As a human race we are doomed. And so is this beautiful planet.

    1. Neither is doomed.
      We already move among the stars, though we of the general population will not be told of it.
      Our planet is protected, and will reset to be renewed and used once more.
      The show will go on.

    2. ...well said and insightful...though not entirely accurate...both were doomed from the beginning...yet one was destined as well...both protected and will be reset and renewed many times more...even the one eventually doomed... the show will go on...
      I do at times wish to enter debate with those who claim things as "at least 12 dimensions"...( I would point out that there are at least 12 sub harmonic tones audible...(harmonic humor!)...) but am somewhat restricted from doing so by my current service...MdK..."observe, replant the seven seeds of truth...and try like hell not to mettle..."...I much prefer the well honed edge...that said, in keeping with commitment...this seed...1. All is Mind...it is in support of this one truth all others reside...debate as to the number of "et's" as entertaining as debate as to the number of angles fit the head of a pin...or how many zeros can follow 1...debate regards their intention towards humanity..hhmmm...so very few even aware of, and of those, fewer still of any focus much less prime. Not to say this does not still leave a number with interest...some as observers, some with motive...I will tell you this...very very few of those you think of as "et" are bound to any planetary system as is form perception currently predominant on earth...such is the first law...so it is and it is so...the lips of wisdom remain closed but to the ears of the understanding...

  10. So the government have known about e.t for years and kept it from us, in fear that we couldn't handle it. When the truth comes out, and one day soon it will. Thers going to be uproar and caious all over the world. In the end who do you trust.?

  11. I trust rust rust and decay! They are inevitable and bring restoration!

  12. If our world leaders didn't keep their word why don't the aliens confront the masses to help a dying world? Do they think its better to let us all die and the world over a few power corrupted selfiah humans it doesn't make sense, if they did have a treaty the world leaders broke they should disclose themselves for the better of a race I'm sure if its true humanity would benefit with such a global change it would open our eyes to what we already know but fear, it would be the push we need to face our fears before its too late, the world leaders only care about their time on this earth but their is many of us who think of our children and descendants but being of lower class its almost impossible to change the way the elites run us, if they care about this planet why not show themselves?

    1. Aliens.
      Their agenda's is not ours.
      Their notions of morality, Not ours.
      Their laws and rules of interference... Not ours.
      What is happening here, IS by design.
      This design will lead to them controlling the fate of our world and our species.
      It has happened before. It will happen again.
      We will practically beg for them to help. And they Will.
      But it will not likely be help as you conceive of it now.
      As You would desire it.
      We will be absorbed into their community, this world becoming theirs.
      There will be changes to our genetics over time and breeding.
      Not quite as Bad as being assimilated by the Borg. But not entirely dissimilar either.
      Individuality and individual freedom is Not a desirable or convenient trait to the ones whom are taking a interest here. Long term it will be conditioned and bred out.
      They do not take worlds by violent force. They do not need to. Merely, manipulate unsuspecting species as is being done with us, so that the conditioning and take over is gradual. Acclimatised.
      Through the elites, they Already have control of the majority of the world.
      The world will know catastrophe after economic collapse. The survivors will come together in a new world order. This core of this order has already been formed.
      It already serves them.
      We are useful.

      Many species out there do not have our emotional range, our short lives, our penchant for morality or spirituality.
      Like a cold corporation, they deal in numbers. Facts. Logic.
      What we value about our selves is irrelevant to them.
      There Are races and factions out there which are similar to us. And they are watching.
      But the ones that are already here and interfering and manipulating.... these are Not those.

      We are for the most part, on our Own.
      We combat this Only by spreading awareness. Putting a stop to the Machinations of our own Elites and rulers whom have been allowed to run amuck.
      This IS our world, and there are rules in the game of taking it.
      So far, they are a great many steps ahead of us.


  13. I have been here for 34 years I am the fix assholes u just don't want to realize or accept it just like before.

    1. and now in plain English with out the gibberish?

  14. ...There does seem to be rules they are obeying.That means that some others have an authority over them. Considering the many millins of planets in this one Galaxy (1 of billions) it IS possible that someones that have a more developed mind -will interfere.It is not logical to exclude that--and all the efforts -in cinema and TV-to paint "Aliens" (humans are more alien to the Universe)in such ghastly shapes, may indicate its opposite.*

  15. I dont know how to get the book Open.

  16. We could be "nature" in a reserve for all we know.


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