EARTHQUAKES 8.3M Sea of Okhotsk, Russia, 5.7M California, 6.3M and 7.4M Tonga, today May 24, 2013

A massive 8.3Mearthquake struck the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia on May 24, 2013. The M8.3 quake is on top of the 6.3M 7.4M earthquake which struck Tonga (west Pacific)and the 5.7M which struck Greenville, California.

A large Earthquake (and very deep - 373.9 miles) . Location is the Kuril Islands vicinity -- a long volcanic chain located along the Northwest Pacific ring of fire. This area has been under extreme stress / heavy movement for the past several days, hundreds of earthquakes at the same location.

Kuril Islands volcanic chain. Multiple 6.0M's over the past few days leading into this.

Also, worthy to note the OTHER large movement today in Tonga (west Pacific) a 7.4M and 6.5M. Finally, the west coast USA movement.. 5.7M *5.9 revised*, followed by a large swarm in North California.

Then.. a 4.2M in Utah.. and a 4.7M in southern California (wiped off the USGS database).

Earthquakes Central Arkansas:

An unusual number of earthquakes have been reported in Central Arkansas since Monday. More than a dozen have been reported across Morrilton, Strawberry, and Choctaw. A 3.5 earthquake hit the area. The U.S. Geological Survey says there have been 16 earthquakes, which is a high number. This is definitely more active than what we have seen in a long time."

Since this happened, people are advised to have a disaster preparedness kit ready.



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