Have researchers found the lost ancient city of gold? - May 16, 2013

Researchers from the University of Houston and the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping appear to have discovered an ancient city in the South American jungle.

Researchers believe they may finally have uncovered the lost 'White City of gold' in Honduras using hi-tech scanners that let aircraft 'see' through dense forest.

What the archaeologists found — and what the new images reveal — are features that could be ancient ruins, including canals, roads, building foundations and terraced agricultural land.

According to legend, Ciudad Blanca or the 'White City' is full of gold and has been sought out by explorers and treasure hunters since conquistador Hernando Cortes first made reference to it in a 1526 letter to King Charles V of Spain.

Inspired by this legend, cinematographer and Ciudad Blanca enthusiast Steven Elkins sought backing from private investors to pay for the team at NCLAM to use their laser mapping technology to chart the forest floor of Mosquitia.

The archaeologists plan to get their feet on the ground this year to investigate the mysterious features seen in the new images.


source: livescience


  1. I wonder who the benefactor of all that wealth will be if this proves right. Interesting leak, be nice though if it had a little more substance.

  2. Honduras -> not in South America... But still awesome if the city is found, get Harrison Ford down there, pronto

  3. I have to insist since no correction has been made: Honduras is far far from South America.


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