Nostradamus Prophecy for Great Quake in Month of May 2013?

Nostradamus has made a lot of famous prophecies , But one yet to be fulfilled exactly is the Great Earthquake in the Month of May!

On May 8th 2013 , We find the exact alignment that Nostradamus wrote of!


“In the Year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery, The air is very dry, a long meteor; of the people and beasts shall be a horrible destruction. Blood, thirst, fammine, when the Comet shall run.”

“Fire from the center of the Earth, The great Earthquake shall be in the Mouth of May. Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus, Venus, Also Cancer, Mars in Zero.”


source: dahb007


  1. Well nothing so far in this time zone at least, let's see what the next day brings!

  2. Venus isnt in the line up until the 28!


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