Traces of Nazca Lines and Crop Circles discovered in area Verneukpan, South Africa 2013

A potential massive lost city or site has been revealed in an area of the “Verneukpan” an inhospitable area of salt flats in southern Africa.

Jaimy Visser, from the Netherlands, has been using Google earth to map the world’s ancient sites.

Archeomaps is Jaimy Visser's site with a global overview of archaeological sites on Google Maps.

The remarkable discovery immediately drew attention of Michael Tellinger a wellknown ancient investigator. Mr. Tellinger: "This is a huge new step and an exciting page in the Vanished Civilisations of southern Africa – this is one of the most exiting discoveries since the Nazca Lines". Read full story

Link co-ordinates Google Earth - Nazca Lines / Crop Circles: -30° 0′ 21.64″, +21° 6′ 21.69″



  1. According to friend of the farmer: If you look at Google Earth pictures of 2006 and prior, you will notice that there are no ditches present, only a few dams. The farmer that owns the land on which the spirals that you see is situated, took a tractor and used a plough to make deep spiralshape ditches with the intention of catching the water run-off. These ditches work very well and had a significant effect of improvement on the grazing on that farm. I wonder why, and does this work catching the water run-off? I mean running water would just flatten it all out again?

  2. Rather than this being an amazing discovery of an ancient "civilisation", it is instead the discovery of the weird and mysterious ways of a bored Northern Cape farmer. Pretty much like all other crop circles in fact.

  3. Been there, done that. Farmer made furrows to trap moisture and wind-blown seedlings in this semi-dessert region.


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