UFO Bright Entity over Gouy-Lez-Pieton, Belgium - May 19, 2013

A bright unknown object caught on camera hovering over Gouy-Lez-Pieton, Belgium on May 19, 2013.

The strange UFO changes shape and lights going on and off.

Excuses for the shaky video..


  1. The problem with this video is there's nothing to reference or confirm this is an object in the sky...all there is light moving around against a dark back ground. It could very well be a light source shined at a window. Also, why is all these videos have such shaky cam operators? To me this is a clear indication that the video's creator doesn't want us looking too closely.
    I have no doubt our solar system is teeming with ET life forms, but giving the time of day to videos like this undermines the good ones, causing people to write all of them off as a hoax.

    1. This is a "clear indication" that the guys nerves were a little edgy and nothing more. Watch and don't be critical. Your video can be see where?????

  2. Do we have TWO different people named anonymous here?

  3. These ufo's were set up as a test for a ufo hunter in Mexico years ago. The researcher viewing the ufo hunters info suspected he made shaky video on purpose. So the researcher setup the ufo hunter and asked him to 'look out' for ufo's on a particular day. A few miles a way the researcher had his team release metallic star shaped balloons. Watching the TV cameras you could obviously see the balloons from the distance floating up. The ufo hunter used his small camcorder and zoomed in to the balloons to get rid of the lower background. With the background gone you wouldn't be able to see the object's slowly floating up. The ufo hunter reported is new sighting to the local mexican press and boosted is popularity.


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