Witnesses Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident: Interview from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - May 2, 2013

Around 3 a.m. on 26 December 1980 an Unidentified Flying Object was reported by a security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge.

Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft but, upon entering the forest to investigate, they saw many strange lights moving through the trees, as well as a bright light from an unidentified object.

After daybreak on the morning of 26 December, servicemen returned to the small clearing where the conical object had been seen, and found three small impressions in a triangular pattern, as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees.

Servicemen from RAF Woodbridge's sister base, RAF Bentwaters, returned to the forest again, following another sighting in the early hours of 28 December 1980.

John Burroughs and Jim Penniston were U.S. Air Force security personnel in late December of 1980 when there was a mass UFO sighting outside of two Royal Air Force bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, that were being used by the U.S. Air Force.

Burroughs and Penniston went out into the Rendlesham forest to investigate unidentified lights. They came across a craft that Penniston actually touched before it lifted up above the trees and took off at a very fast speed.

In the interview below, Penniston and Burroughs explain how they have had problems obtaining their service and medical records during the time of the UFO event. (Interview from citizen Hearing on Disclosure May 2, 2013, (from left) John Burroughs, Jim Penniston, and Nick Pope via Skype. They are currently participating in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C.)


The deputy base commander Lt Col Charles I. Halt recorded the events on a micro-cassette recorder. The site investigated by Halt was near the eastern edge of the forest, at approximately 52° 05 20 N, 1° 26 57 E.

 Video below, Charles Halt full audio tape...


Later, lights were seen in the sky to the north and south, the brightest of which beamed down a stream of light.

source: opemindstv , citizenhearing.org