Glowing Angel Or Alien Caught On Deer Cam In N. Georgia? 2013

Very strange humanoid figure caught on a deer cam in N. Georgia.

Figure is holding a rod or wand of some kind and is emitting a luminous glow.

Image: Head Light Being (enlarged)

Figure is unlikely to be a Fairy as its too tall, its more likely an Angel or possibly a winged Alien or light being.



  1. Someone has a human-shaped patronus!

  2. It looks like a woman with dark hair in a bun style.

  3. It's a moth caught on film. This type of phenomena is quite common.

  4. Why cant it be a fairy spirit? Dont believe in childrens books. Wood nymphs and dryads are considered fairies and not tinkerbell sized. Could be a ghost...

    But it says it was caught on a deer cam, and that is a still from a video. Where is the video? Would the video just reveal its a bug or something? lol


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