UFO Sightings Top Five Whistle Blowers Insight On Alien Contact 2013

UFO Sightings Incredible Top Five Whistle Blowers Insight On Alien Contact!

Exclusive 2013 Kerry Cassidy Whistle Blower from Project Camelot explains on what the Alien and Government Agenda is up to and Space Jumping to Mars!



  1. MAN I despise this guy, the 3rd phase moon host.
    Slimey little reptile him self.
    Sensationalistic, drama making, and even fakes some of the evidences on his shows for ratings.

    Now HER on the other hand,.... Love her. she's the genuine article.

  2. LOL, that is the exact same thing I thought when I saw this guy talk.

  3. X3 it would be great if they had another host I generally don't watch the videos from 3rd phase because the guy irritates me.

    1. Indeed tom, he is a propaganda sensationalist, and has been known to fake up his shit. He is not concerned with the facts, Ratings are every thing to him and he will do what it takes to get them.


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