Annunaki King Marduk Lands In Africa? - July 8, 2013

This article involves a story which I certainly hope turns out to be just a funny rumor. The problem is that the source for this story has very deep Intel connections and usually is right on the money. And there are certain background details which create many more questions than they answer.

Excerpt from: Secret space War III: Marduk lands in Africa?

A very strange trip to Africa during the last week of June 2013 for the last three American Presidents.

In the June 18, 2013 issue of the Africa Review (Kenya, Africa), a very interesting story detailed expected intersecting visits of both former President Clinton and current President Obama to Senegal.

And believe it or not former President George W. Bush is alleged to also have arrived in Africa during this time period.

This visit of three American Presidents to the continent of Africa during the same time period is unprecedented in history and would appear to require an extraordinary explanation which has not been forthcoming.

President Obama changed his African trip schedule. It was announced that President Obama changed his initial schedule to extend his stay from 48 to 72 hours in Senegal.

Former high ranking CIA analyst Ray McGovern reported that it was rumored that President Obama had remarked to a friend that he had backed off on campaign promises because he was afraid of ending up like JFK.

Or perhaps this was just a cover story for a last minute change which was “suggested” by President Obama’s handlers, opening up his schedule for ”required” or at least highly desired meeting with a very powerful dignitary?

It was reported that Bush and Obama just happened to find time to meet together by coincidence in Tanzania on July 2, 2013, But could former President Clinton have been there too at the same time and could there have been a special meeting between the three Presidents in Tanzania, or could there have been such a special meeting earlier in Senegal?

Or could each president have visited Senegal earlier and individually met with a very special world dignitary who is covertly assuming power, first in Africa and then the world to pay homage to him and agree to support his NWO final takeover Is this “mystery entity” a powerful dignitary that is the actual ruler of the Third Force that has descended to Earth to assert control over the nations?

Certainly the visitation of a current sitting American president at the same time as two prior American Presidents to the African continent is unprecedented. This alone suggests that something very strange is up.

Perhaps the prominent reason for the simultaneous African visits of three American Presidents, one current and two former may be to pay homage to a new world ruler who is now being revealed only to the very top insiders. At least this is the rumor circulating at a deep level inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and MJ12 support staff.

And who might this important and powerful NWO dignitary be, one so important three American Presidents would pay homage to him even over and above their own country and its sovereignty?

As the rumor goes, it is Marduk who has descended to planet Earth to Africa from an alien spacecraft.

According to legend, Marduk is supposedly an Annunaki (aka Anakem or Nephilim), a luciferian demon being that allegedly represents the inter-dimensional black planet “Nibiru” which is invisible to astronomers.

The return of the Annunaki King Marduk?

The upward facing triangle is Annunaki fallen angel blood of the Nephilim, the “great men of old” and the downward facing triangle is the blood of the earth woman. Merged together they form the six pointed star, called the hex or the Babylonian “luciferian hex”, a symbol of Annunaki/human hybrid bloodlines anointed by lucifer.

So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system? And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background?

The Third Force.

A mysterious and superior being that is covertly manipulating the world through a small number of super-elites who run the world's most powerful nations?

Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation state’s highest echelons of government?

Is there an overall coordinated purpose of this THIRD FORCE to create a NWO Globalist One-World Tyranny?

The Third Force has never been regarded as being able to treat any Kingpins or Cutouts it selects and uses with loyalty. Once their mission is completed, they are thrown under the bus. The best evidence so far is that the Third Force is an ancient evil entity which has exerted worldwide luciferian control from behind the scenes.

Some researchers believe that the luciferian NWO plan involves complete replacement of humans with genetically spliced trans-human borgs which are inhabited by evil fallen angels (aka demons).

So when three American Presidents show up in Africa, all at the same time, one wonders how such a remarkable occurrence could be explained.

And then when a highly placed respected source shares a rumor that an “alien ruler” from the past has returned as the inter-dimensional planet Nibiru is approaching in its 3600 year orbit, one wonders, could this be the reason?

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  1. My life sucks so much, I hope the aliens invade us. I'm not kidding.

    1. Listen, I have been there in my life and I will tell you it is not as bad as it feels to you right now. Get yourself outside somewhere peaceful where there is water and no or few people. Take time to breath and smell the flowers, hear the birds sing, feel the sun on your face. Let the worries you have subside your thoughts, even if just for a few minutes or an hour. There will be another day, and there is always hope for a better tomorrow. I send good thoughts and prayers to you....

    2. Believe me, I've been right where you are. Things will and do get better. I know from experience that it is really difficult to see anything when you're lost in amongst darkness. But believe me, the storm clouds will pass and the sun will shine again.

      I almost lost my life because of depression, but I am grateful that it didn't get me. Don't give up. Believe it or not, you do have a purpose for being here. And believe it or not, people do care. I care, Don cares.

      Hang in there. Like Don, I'm sending good thoughts and positive vibes your way. You will be in my prayers. xo

  2. Something is definitely going on, not sure this is the answer though. Maybe they popped in to see how Nelson Mandela was doing?

  3. The last time He was here it all went downhill

  4. US will invade central africa due to coming ice age or aliens are forcing them to declare smth or they ll appear and scare us like childs :)

  5. maybe it was just more cost effective for them to go at once.

  6. I saw a video a few months ago a friend sent me about an "insider" that is a super soldier. He stated in the video that Marduk and his descendants were all here now and are currently all in Africa.

    The video shows this guy predicting things to come that he said with certainty would happen. One of the things he mentioned was those in the "know" visiting and paying homage to Marduk over the coming months. I remember he specifically said that people shouldn't be surprised to see presidents of various countries and.or various leaders making side trips to Africa.

    Quite honestly I thought the video at the time was possibly a load of bullshit. This Marduk crap seems awfully far fetched.

    I have since tried to locate that video again and it can not be found anywhere. It's gone from youtube. The account is deleted.

    Now reading that Obama and Clinton both went to Africa at the same time I'm a little weirded out.

    But I also wonder if it is simply all misinformation that is being leaked out. ??

  7. LISTEN:
    This article is Highly biased and leans heavily towards despair and I suspect disinformation.
    It sets a tone of propaganda which relates to people personal fears and fear engendered by global events.
    The Only thing Solid about the article is this...
    2 and maybe 3 US presidents took a simultaneous trip to Africa in unprecedented fashion.
    Inside reports suggest an alien leader entity has returned to earth from the approaching Nibiru.
    EVERY thing else about the article is pure speculation and possibly, even Likely intentional misinformation and propaganda.
    There is Nothing to suggest that this returned entity is Evil or intent on negative actions.
    The word and examples of luciferian points of reference used above are in fact Inaccurate in their entirety.
    There are Good ancient aliens and there are Negative aliens.
    The negative ones never left.
    They have been influencing Illuminati here, for quite some time.
    A Return of Anunaki is more likely a return of more benevolent beings. The ones whom taught us agriculture and tried to give us a code to live by which WE have since distorted.

    Dont be swayed by the tone of an article.
    Look within. It will come to you.


    1. I just couldn't agree more with you VARA'... I've read a few books about Anunnaki. For those who doesn't know, Marduk is Enki's son. Enki is the one who created us, together with his sister (i don't remember her name). I also think they have been among us, since those times. But, we could be putting ourselves between an alien war, Anunnaki are very agressive. IF IT'S TRUE, I really love to know if it's true... Let's hope for the best, and lest hope they could give us, some piece of advice to improve our society, such as means of obtaining energy, and means of obtaining a society without Capitalism. They were not all evil, they were not all benign. You would sorprise yourself how much WE look like THEM...
      Do you imagine the whole world, learning sumerian?
      Greetings from Argentina... - Willi3

    2. Vara - you're right when you say "the negative ones never left"

      We are in this 1% created mess because of the ones who stayed & cemented their power at our expense.

      I'll give the ones returning every chance to help us halt the advance of the 1% because we've hit little left to lose. The 1% have it all to themselves.

      Long live Marduk! ;-)

    3. Marduk is the protector of earth, but he can't get evolved in any wars between humans according to universal and Anunnaki laws...Enki is humanities father he is Lord of the earth and waters he supports humanity, but he does not support evil....Enlil and his son Nannar/Sin along with his other son Ninurta who nuked Sodom and Gomorrah are who we should be concerned about...Enki is the god of wisdom, knowledge, healing, raising the dead, magic, and semen

    4. Enki told Marduk a very long time ago, be careful how you treat humans, because it would be in your best interest to handle them with care....this was before Enki turned over kingship of earth to heart belongs to our creator Enki...because he stood up for humanity when the deluge came....A wise man would build a boat to save life....Ziusudra/Noah, no animals went onto the ark...DNA was collected from every species and placed in test that after the flood he could repopulate the earth....this is a war between Enki and his bloodline and Enlil and his.....but Enlil wants to destroy Enki and his bloodline, which Is Cain/Quain this is why Enki marked Cain so no one would kill him or any of his decendents....for killing Abel...Enlil was promised the throne of Nibiru, but his father Anu reneged and installed Enlil's son Nannar as the new King of Nibiru...but Enlil also wants Earth which is Enki's domain. Enki is known as Ea, Eayh, Poseidon, Prometheus, Thoth, and his son Marduk is also Amen Ra and Osiris. Marduk came to power during Babylon...but Enlil and his followers sought to keep Marduk from ruling Earth....I'm not sorry but I back the guy who has the power to raise the dead, heal the sick....Enki is a father who loves his creation not one who wants to destroy it....Enlil hates humans and so does Anu they proved this by not wanting us to know of the coming flood....its funny how the serpent in the garden told Eve that if she ate from the tree of knowledge that they would be as the gods in knowing all things, then Jesus tells the people he was teaching to that ye are gods....

  8. Actually, according to Sumerian mythology, Enlil (Yaweh), and Enki (Satan) are brothers. They are sons of Anu, who was the ruler of Nibiru.

    It was Enki that made man in their image. It was originally decided to make a slave race that could work for the Annunaki, mining their gold for them.

    Marduk is Enki's son. Marduk was left in charge of Earth. Supposedly he is the current evil force behind the global elite.

    But apparently there are other inter-dimensional and dimensional forces, steering parts of the Global Elite in other directions as well. It's not all bad forces that are trying to interfere. Many are trying to help.

    Supposedly, since the gods abandoned earth, there were still Enkiites (Serpent Clan) and Enlilites (RAM Clan) left on earth. Some of them are still loyal to the Kingdom (the Nibiru Kingdom), but Marduk is not.

    And the war between the two Nibiruan bloodlines is still going on here on Earth.

    Supposedly, Marduk never left earth. He was left here to rule for almost 3,600 years by Enlil (God). Could he perhaps be the one we know as the biblical Satan?

    Supposedly the Annunaki are to return and remove Marduk from his place of ruling. He will be destroyed. There will be a battle between good and evil. After that is when the new heaven and earth will be created, and heaven will exist here on earth. It will be a time of peace.

    1. You know, I can't understand why people get so caught up in saying that all aliens are evil demons and will try to trick us etc., etc. Who's to say that we aren't descendants of aliens? Perhaps the many angels etc., talked about in the bible weren't or aren't our space family?

      Who's to say that perhaps when it was foretold that Jesus would come again, who's to say he won't come down again, and it will be a u.f.o that he travels in? Why is that not possible?

      The Lord Yhovah of the Old Testament, who became the Lord Jesus of the New Testament, is described as flying in thick clouds, swift clouds, bright clouds, dark clouds, white clouds, low clouds, great clouds, and fiery clouds. There are platforms, vessels, whirling chariots of fire, sky thrones, fiery horses, cherubims, thick darkness, great fire, whirlwinds, fiery wheels, pavilions, dark waters, storms, sky dwellings, rolls, and sanctuaries.

      Whether or not, one believes these objects are actually flying vehicles that the God of the Bible lives in, appears with, travels in, and is considered the seat of his power is a matter of opinion.

      But the fact that they do not appear without him or his ambassadors, and that, in most major appearances, he and other beings are clearly described as directly associated with these flying objects, is undeniable.

    2. Bloody well Said Darlene.
      I rarely get to hear some one speak with as much insight and as well read as I.
      Good to meet you.

  9. Thanks guys. I've been coming to this site for a very, very long time now. I've just never posted anything before.

    I've been more of a lurker. Lol

    It just annoys me lately. All this hype and negativity about aliens and the coming "Armageddon". Aliens taking over. Ugh. People are so negative and seem to want to only look into the doom and gloom of everything. I can't understand why that is.

    To believe that aliens haven't come to earth, or that
    they are not in touch with "those in the know" here on earth is ridiculous. But to automatically
    assume that aliens want to control us and kill us really doesn't make all that much sense either.

    If aliens were intent on controlling us and taking over the earth, they would have done that long ago I'm sure. They would show up and not give any thought as to what people would think, or how society here would panic. They would simply show up.

    They would not have given us the knowledge and teachings they have, if they simply wanted us all dead, or wanted to eat us. Lol.

    I can't understand how people can dispute that when there are numerous cave drawings and stone carvings of what look like aliens and flying saucers.

    I'm sure that there were aliens that wanted to be like gods, and wanted worship and complete and utter devotion from their followers (the God from the Old Testament). But based on everything I have ever read, I'm quite certain that there is a higher consciousness from which we all have come, the aliens included.

    I believe that there is a higher consciousness/Source that dictates the laws of the universe and to which we all abide, including the aliens.

    Why people can't see "aliens" as our brothers, that we are all connected to a higher source is crazy. Horses, dogs, fish, everything that is created is inter-connected, and even connected to us. The God source runs through all of us, even the "aliens" that people continually want to depict as "evil".

    Now, to say that all aliens are "kind" and benevolent I'm sure is incorrect. But, in all likelihood, since they are of a higher dimension, operating in a higher dimensional vibrational frequency, that more than likely
    indicates that they are far more advanced spiritually.

    I'm sure there are aliens that want power and to control, and to be like "God", but obviously there is a higher law of order that has prevented that from completely happening. If not, take for example the many incidences of u.f.o's appearing and neutralizing nuke stations etc.

    I just wish people would look beyond the hype and scare mongering and look at the truths behind it all. Put the fear aside and question. Also, don't look "out there" for answers. Look within for the truth. Your gut will easily indicate to you what does or does not reasonate within you.

    1. pART #1.

      I was once where you are now.
      How can Aliens be negative at all? such advancement means vast experience. lessons learned, ladder climbed, spirituality achieved.
      It made NO sense that there could be negative advanced beings.

      This thinking comes from our OWN developmental point of reference, not that of others. It is a point of reference made from a mind that has emotions generated by chemistry fueled by genetics so that it can do so.

      A Rock has no such genetics. Nor does a jelly fish.
      Their neurological connections, IF they have any, work entirely different, allowing for no emotions at all.
      Reptiles for the most part abandon their young. most species any ways.
      No genetic maternal instinct in that turtle. No bond ability.
      We cannot assume that other species have emotional development. Feel guilt, or remorse, or maternal or protective instincts.
      (Tho I am sure most alien species actually Do to some extent or other.) But not All.
      A race that has developed intellectually and scientifically may Not be spiritual what so ever. They may be Machiavellian in countenance.
      (the end justifies the means)
      I believe some species of Grey are like this, and I believe much of the royal family and Illuminati condition them selves to be like this also. (sociopathic)
      Negative or self inclined aliens in my opinion have influenced and directed Illuminati for centuries and likely millenia.
      There is fair evidence to support it.
      Have leaders of church state, illuminati and corporation been allowed audience with aliens? You Bet.
      Have they summoned entities with Sayance (don't know how to spell it)and occult ritual? You bet.
      Does magic exist in the world and was it taken out of the general public's hands by the inquisition? yep.
      can I prove it? Sure. the church uses spells even to this day.
      Its called exorcism. that's a ritual spell.
      And it is but a single example.


    2. Part #2.

      But I digress.
      It is My contention that there Are more spiritually developed races and orders of aliens out there. that they are the majority.
      that they have a federation of sorts. that this world is a protected world, to an extend. a seed world which several races have come to sentience and moved off to the stars from.
      I believe they have a Non interference directive, or Prime directive of a sort.
      They enforce it for the most part.
      No, Direct interference.
      the nasty aliens have found loop holes over millennia, concerning free will.
      They manipulate people in high positions and encourage them to ASK For thier aid and instruction.
      Call it Satan worship or what ever you like.
      If We call Them for aid, it abates the Non interference clause by observing our free will.
      We the general public are encouraged to Not believe in them. Or, because those elites control the media, to condition the public with movies vid games, TV and ridicule, to think of any aliens as hostile. To think of them in the worst terms which we think of our selves and play on those fears.
      IF you want to stage a alien invasion false flag one day, such public conditioning is essential.
      We must Not want be allowed to desire to ask them for help. We must be made to Fear and hate them.
      If we were to ask for help. (prayer) etc.
      we would our selves be abating the prime directive allowing them to intercede and take action.
      The negative ones and their long term planes will Not allow for this.
      thus, the culture, out conditioning to date.
      Geeze I could go on and on.

      In the end, despite advancement of intellect and science, spirituality is Not assured. much of its growth may be determined by emotional experience, which some aliens have either to little or perhaps none at all.
      And to weed it out of their genetics might be considered Efficient.

      where was I going with this, its 3 in the morning and im too tired to think. ive rambled and lost track.

      Meditate. Look within for answers, pray to the wise being deep within and find its light. there you will find the spiritual ones whom monitor us. and they Will hear you.
      To an extent im to tired to explain, we ARE them. not merely genetically in our "junk" DNA. But in our souls.
      Be well Darlene.


    3. Var, your opinion as always is based on logic and reason, which i like to see in this world always gladly, but i must correct you in a way. When you talked about games, you were right at extent, but perhaps you don't know that one of the best selling space game ever and one of cult games that will enter all time anthology is Mass Effect series, where humans actually live in peaceful and friendly cohabitation with many alien races in space. The extent and complexity of game made it one of best solo games to be produced ever. It has AA+ rating which is best possible. I really enjoyed the idea that was opened there, that we are not alone that there can be advanced understanding and friendship between worlds and even love. The story is focused on one Captain which together with other aliens who form his team tries to protect Universe. If you haven't tried it i warmly recommend it to you...Even now after i played it so much times (16 second part, other some time less)i find story within as a part of fire that keep my spirits lit. It is a proof, there can be some positive thought in game world about this idea, and that if made good as this game is, it can become paragon for all others that will be produced in future...

      I was away for long time, had to deal with lot of stuff...nice to see you are still around. All the best to you...

    4. Gabr.
      Thanks for the response. I have all 3 Mass effect games on my shelf. Was disappointing in the 3rd, felt prematurely released, unfinished. Felt like more alien invasion propaganda than usual, even for that game.

      Sadly, Im not sure what you are disagreeing with or correcting me on, as it did not feel like you actually made a point.


      ~ V.

    5. Yes, third part was ugh...replaying it now, want to unlock secret ending. No correction now since you have all parts. :)My post was intended to point that there are big projects which put a bright light onto relations between us and aliens. I know that percentage of games and movies that represent aliens as evil are in big advantage in numbers but having titles like ME series which has best ratings there is, certainly shows that there can be successful positive projects on this topic in world. You mentioned up, control over public by means of vid games. I just wanted to point out a big doubt that a true gamers such as you and myself would ever be clouded by such poor propaganda, and i believe majority of us is freed from that...

      All the best...

  10. I believe you and I share the same sentiments VARAKIENEN! :)

  11. Alligaytor X.... wretched wanker? Really? I don't mind being called a wanker, but wretched? C'mon, play nice.

  12. The dude's trying to get a reaction, let's ignore him.
    Has anyone noticed the massive increase in alien imagery being used on adverts on TV lately. I saw a few and thought how bizarre a few months back but now there's even more! Then there are so many films coming out lately like Pacific Rim, World War Z, End of the World, just a few of recent being released! It's like we are being conditioned for some big event. Just a thought.

  13. I still think Clinton, Bush and Obama went to have some kind of conference, not sure to meet Marduk, but more likely Nelson Mandela. Still you just never know!

  14. If the annunaki really exist and communicated with bush, clinton and obama, i'm sure they were giving them instructions on what to do next. They probably work for them and have been promised riches beyond their highest expectations, which will be a great dissappointment, because they are Fallen Angels and they lie,I imagine. who knows, they,(Bushes, obama and clinton), may be hybrids , themselves, and thats why they are behaving in such a strange, dysfunctional way. They don't even behave like patriots or humans, much of the time, as their behavior and attitudes towards america and other countries are so strange it feels like they aren't even living in the real world.

    1. well, at Least your mind is open to possibilities.
      Subscribing to the same crap they pump out in movies and video games how ever only shows how well the dissinfo and subversion programming agenda is working.

  15. I know there are people wealthy enough to earn entire globe budget every day. Science and knowledge lies with them as they have been in practice of earning from the last more than 400 years. And might would heard that everyone has a price, it doesn't matter how much because such people print money. And if you look at the Banking History you can find out that the first bank was the Bank of England, 1694. The ones who own this were competent enough to take this deal. They are those who have been supporting Annunakis since Old. There are signs everywhere showing that we are born in the end of times. We have seen many changes in our life time which proves that UFOs and genetic modification can overtake us.

    1. Accurate.
      But do not confuse the words end times with, the End.
      Even the Mayan calender renews.
      The death card in Tarot does not mean Death at all as most are lead to believe, but in fact, change and renewal.

  16. Varakienen I think you are very knowledgeable but you also seem very self righteous in your stance, always correcting people. Still huge respect but maybe less of telling people they are wrong. You've pulled me up a few times on comments I've made and I feel that sometimes you are actually the one who's wrong. Yes you have read many books, watched many documentaries and carried out much research but ultimately you are still un the dark like everyone else.

    1. WE All see what we want to see.
      What we need to see, so that what we think we know does not feel threatened before we are ready. A house of cards can be a fragile shelter.
      When data shows me wrong, I am the first to say I was in ere.
      It has happened before. It Will happen again.
      It has not yet happened here.

      Be well.
      ~ VARA

  17. I found a website that can explain some of this things here is

  18. V, you have a great mind, I agree with most of your viewpoints, but to really know what's going on and how and why means you are able to effect change on a large scale.....and that unfortunately, none of us has been able to conjure on a world changing basis....which probably means that there is much we still don't have to how things respectfully let's ALL (not just you V) be open to positive outcomes and discoveries....HINT...truth is never loud or boisterous...but subtle and brief! PEACE & BLESSINGS to ALL

  19. I am in division as to what may be simply propaganda and what can be derived as the truth! If we are in doubt, why not send a probe to Nibiru to investigate? If the black planet is as unseen to astronomer's eyes as they claim, would its detection not be shown on a vibrational frequency? Also, for a planet like Nibiru to re-enter our galaxy, and apparently being twenty times Jupiter, would that not have an effect on the balance of positioning of the planets in our galaxy?

    1. JAIMESON.
      Those in power already know every thing there is to know about Nibiru.
      They do Not want You knowing what they know, and thus, no probes need to be launched.
      I think you meant, re-enter our solar system, Not galaxy.
      And in that context, yes it does and already Has effected planets in our solar system.

  20. I recommend reading books by Zecharia Sitchin. According to his books, his translations of ancient Sumerian text reveal a lot about the Annunaki and the part the played in mankind. Anyways Marduk is explained and if Sitchin is 10 percent right on any of his claims, then yes this is possible. Furthermore, again IF you believe 10 percent of what Sitchin has to say then maybe people wouldn't feel so bad about being sinful or the world going to crap because the gods or the Annunaki were just as naughty as we are and caused a few calamities on earth along the way. We are made in there image, Gods image . Only thing that separates us from them is eternal life.

  21. very Very interesting input from all of u.
    Enki & Enlil r half brothers with different mothers. their fathers name is ANU. Nibiru is a planet size ship. there is more than one Nibiru. we sent out many Nibiru ships to various regions of the kosmos for resources. the homosaipien project was a result of Rizqiyan (anunnaki) complaining of the labor mining for gold. mother Ninti, Nergal the alchemist, Arishkegal the chemist and Enki grafted the hybrid homosapien Adam (kadmon) by binding their likeness and image with the genushomo phonetically genius homo basically smartest evolutionary life form.

    Marduk is not satan nor evil. he is one of the warrior beings and cousin to who ppl call Jesus (Sandalfun) or (Tammuz). enlils son. satan is Haylal or Sammael. son of Tarnush & Mylitta. Tiamat(earth) willl b renewed. it has to do with cycles. we live on a planet a part of a solar system that is following behind a star which is moving in wave form through the milky way. change is a supreme truth. it never lies and is always happening.

    so much i could type. contact me at

    Adafa Idryis

  22. This article is really interesting to me. I have been using a code to potentially identify various characters and their incarnations though the ages. The code: Number 9 is the only number which when multiplied by ANY other number - the numbers will always reduce back down to 9. For example 9 x 6505458 = 58549122 then add the numbers 5+8+5+4+9+1+2+2=36 then 3+6=9. Yes i'm a nerd. Using the English alphabet (since the Queens throne is supposed to be the throne of King David) and multiples of the number 9: A=9, B=18,C=27,D=36,E=45,F=54 etc. I find that the name MARDUK adds up to 612. So does BARACK OBAMA and AMUN.RA. Also adding up to 612 i find - LOGOS, HERMES, SHASTA (where the hippies say the UFOs enter in) and the name BENJAMIN (historically the tribe of Benjamin marched off to the West). Oddly, the name DAVID ICKE. Are all these people & places linked in with each other. Wasn't Marduk's desire, for world domination?Isn't that why the other Elohim/Anunnaki destroyed their spaceport in the Sinai? Also interesting (to me anyhow) though nothing to do with this article, is that the following words 'all very biblical' add up to 666 using my code: ATUM.RA, JESUS, LUCIFER, DAMUZI, Y'SHUA, GOSPEL, CROSS, MESSIAH, JOSHUA, MUHAMMAD, JALDABAOTH, THE KING, RULER, PREACHER, CHARIOT, KILLING, TAROT, OCCULT, HARLOT. Surely there has to be SOME significance here, or should i return to knitting?

    1. I really dont believe 666 is evil its a mark That defines man's creation and its probably the mark that Enki placed on Cain and his decendants for protection from Enlil....the bible talks strongly against it which sounds like if you dont take it you won't have protection from what's to come....Nannar is definitely coming and he wants to hunt down all who are loyal to Enki or Marduk. This would give Enlil followers every reason to kill you unless you have the mark. Cain was considered a beast for killing his brother but the truth is Cain and Abel were half brothers...Enki is Cains father and Enlil wanted Cain executed for killing Abel...but Enki stepped in and saved Cain by marking him...the bible refers to Cain in this manner because of the mark that Cain and his decendants bear 666 refers to the time when man was created. 6 is for the day of mans the 6th year on the 6th day of the 6th hour the number of man....because on the 7th day the lord (Enki) rested....Enki is associated with earth and water this is why we are in water in our mothers womb for 9 months...En for Earth and Ki meaning water.....the Anunnaki use shars in counting cycles, like 1 day for us is 1000yrs to them...Prince Ea.....thats who I believe in

    2. I really am looking forward to a great leader. We are all going to speak the same language again!
      Actually will it be American or British English?

  23. To the person whose life sucks so much you long for an alien invasion...God help you. You will be first to fall for nesara. These "aliens" are fallen angels. Evil, mean and criminal. Their invasion will be terrifying.

    1. J Raintree.

      To the person Whom thinks of aliens as fallen angels in the biblical sense.
      In a time when men did not understand what they were witnessing, and extrapolated and attempted to interpret it any how, we have angels and gods.
      Visiting Aliens of the time, those whom turned or rebelled against their superiors, for what ever reasons we again cannot fully understand, could well be construed as fallen angels.
      To pay such unconditional heed to a book that has been written, re-written, mistranslated, and edited many dozens of times by people through out history in power at the time, with an agenda, is a fools act.
      If you actually do some research into the bible and its origins, back to the Talmud, and chronically of Gilgamesh and so on, back to the lost gospels, and the book of Enoch. And further...
      You will find that the modern book no longer stands up.
      Simply put, it has been twisted and edited like a piece of hitlar propaganda, distorting truths with lies and misconceptions to support an agenda.
      That agenda is control.

      Next. To Block ALL aliens together under one delusional theory or flag is monumentally retarded.
      ( I use the word retarded in its dictionary sense, retardation.)
      There are Many MANY species, factions, groups, orders, and organizations of aliens out there.
      Most do not involve them selves with us at all.

      The ones whom WANT to manipulate, are indeed, most often malevolent to a degree.
      Extra dimensional lower vibration entities that utalise and or may feed on certain emotions and energies such as sexual, and life energies, can indeed be considered hostile aliens, and if you Like the term Demon, I am fine with that in their case.
      But do not lump All visitors as demons please. Its both inaccurate and fear mongering childish.
      Many watch with their hands tied, wanting to help, but bound by their own versions of prime directive Not to directly interfere. The best they can do is police the hostiles to an extent and make sure their interference is not Utterly direct in nature as well.
      If they did not, we would have Long since been a taken planet with various negative alien entities simply walking the street so to speak.
      We would have No means to stand against such superior experience and technologies.
      And it would Not be a scene from a movie where we have bullets and bombs versus ray guns. Pew pew.
      It would be a scene where an energy wave of very specific frequency was introduced on a planetary scale, and all humans suddenly were switched to sleep mode.
      Or, a nano machine or super virus was introduced which targeted Only human synapses.
      Again, global sleep or death.
      Against being with superior intellect or technology and experience, who live for conquest, we would never see their faces nor have a target to shoot back at. Why would such Be allowed?
      So. Wise up. stop watching holly wood movies, and stop believing every thing the bible says in detail as if it were fact. The bible is there to engender a message. the details which make the message have long since been lost to history, but the over all message remains.
      It is essentially, "Do unto Others, as you would have Them do unto You."
      It was a tool to help us live in peace like a parent advising a child, until that child is old enough to do away with it, and write its Own book on how to live.
      I am done with childish things my self.
      Others whom cling to the book are, it seems, not yet ready. That's fine.
      All rivers lead to the ocean. Some merely take more winding paths.
      All Energies, return to the Source.


  24. just a few things i would like to point out here, they have not been to the plant for a few thousand years but they did say they would return......also yes there are aliens that are working with the US government, and no those are not annunaki.....these are far more powerful, they created humanity and are in effect our gods.......their home region on earth is africa.....the others are based in america.....they are coming and those that have taken control of the US will have to leave.....there was a similar incident in the past which is the Ramayan, and the evidence of a nuclear war in the indus valley civilization....a weapon was used that had the brightness of a thousand suns..we may encounter an alien war soon....over planet earth, and we soon may discover that we are not the owners of this beautiful planet and that we are infact incapable of defending it also from an alien threat.....i am of the opinion that annunaki are the true owners of our planet...and they are coming.


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