New Released NASA Photo Shows Tower On The Moon - July 22, 2013

Nasa released a photo on 16 July, 2013. On the photo a huge object what looks like a tower.

Maybe it's a rock formation? Anyhow the object looks unnatural and maybe created by ancient civilizations.

Here is the photo link:
Object: Top, middle to left side.



  1. The spooky music makes it soooo real! Looks photo shopped and probably more than once? Why is the conclusion always ET first rather than posit realistic possibilities first and exhaust them before turning to the low order of probability explanations? Do we not have "towers" like this in Zion and other places. This is put out by the government to show you as a fool and diminish you spooky music theories!

    1. I have a better explanation. your words help comfort you in your belief system. How can anyone for one second , understanding and knowing the fact of there being BILLIONS of planets..think that this one is the only one with life? Ill tell you who: a very large FOOL.

  2. I found this on the link that Streetcap1 gave, so no Photoshopping involved - just real. Wake up people we are not alone.


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