Strange Creature and Skull found on Mars Curiosity Photograph - July 16, 2013

Looking through the latest photo's from Mars I found on Sol 335 two anomalies what appears to be a skull and a strange object what looks like a living being who turns his head.

The object appears on two different photo's.
1. Navcam: Left B - 2013-07-16 08:43:50 UTC Link photo
2. Navcam: Right B - 2013-07-16 08:43:50 UTC Link photo

Object 1: Living Being? 

Object 2: Skull 

Living being or is just 'Pareidolia' ( The psychological phenomenon “pareidolia” is the tendency to find faces, or facial features in inanimate objects. Humans sometimes see things where they are not) or is it because the different position of the camera's Navcam left B and Navcam right B, what makes that it looks like a living being who turns his head?


  1. As much as I'm interested into UFO reports and other unknown things, but I think it's clearly just rocks. In the other photo, I think the camera turned more right a bit, making it look like the smaller rock behind the bigger rock "moved". It's kind of easy to tell.

    As for the Skull, probably a rock too maybe.

    1. Agreed. If you look at the rocks around the 'creature' they also move with the 'head'. The camera's reference point has been changed; just a clever trick of the mind!

  2. The "movement" of the head is just a result of perspective shifting as the rover passes the rocks causing the small head-like rock to seem to move in relation to the larger body-like rock in front of it. The fact that you can chose to see anything in these images is just a testament to the brain's ability to relate the things we can't understand to things we can.

  3. I found a match of this photo and another photo, by examining two different pictures. If you look closely, you will see two identical creatures riding something. The other photo also shows a tilt of the head, and same body structure. The photo i`m talking about is the snail humanoid riding something pic.


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