Astronomer Maria Mitchell's Google Doodle shows a hidden message?

August 1, 2013: Google Doodle honors the first professional woman astronomer, Maria Mitchell, who would be 195-years-old.

Google's doodle shows an illustration of Mitchell, perched on a rooftop, observing the stars and comets with a telescope. It's just the way she discovered "Miss Mitchell's Comet" in 1847.

Maria Mitchell's Google Doodle shows a hidden message?

An investigative Look into this August 1, 2013 Google Doodle.



  1. Yeah sorry.
    This thing Lost me at the Luke sky walker part. Couldnt stop laughing.
    This is why we Truthers have a hard time helping others see what we see.
    Our credibility go's Riiiiiight out the window cuz of this kinda stuff.

    1. varakienen has a point, i was pretty much done with the video when he said all the jesus stuff and how he breaks down every google doodle.

  2. Why is this here? Quality, not quantity is the rule for websites. I suppose a magic man who lives in the sky watching everyone touch themselves is pretty far out there, as far as belief systems go, but I thought this site was about following real leads. I've noticed a shift lately to posting "any-ol' thang." Let's get back to the quality part of the equation.

  3. What did i just watch, just putting his own crazy links and jumps. That was neither wisdom or Knowledge, just bulls***.


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