January 26, 2014

Formation of 10 mysterious Lights appears over Naha Okinawa, Japan on Jan 25, 2014

On the 23rd at around 9 pm about 10 orange lights floating around in the Naha sky.

The newspaper Okinawa Times received multiple reports of the sighting. Experts say, " these lights are not considered to astronomical phenomena".

According to the witness, a plurality of light appeared in the sky near Naha Port of Naha Tondo town. The lights repeatedly move up and down and from left to right, changing the formation. About 15 minutes later, it was all gone.

Miyaji Takeshi director of Ishigaki Island Observatory added to the story, "About the same time, a meteorite entered the atmosphere at high speed. This meteor was visible from the ground, but I think even the lights were visible at the same time when the meteorite entered the atmosphere, they are not part of the meteorite and it is not a astronomical phenomenon."

Another witness, Mr. Aragaki from Urasoe Nishihara (45) said, "A bright light appeared, then the light changes in about 10 lights. These lights moved and changed their formation and it seemed like they made certain patterns. After a while they came together and disappeared.

According to the spokesman of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, "We have no information and reports on these lights, it is a mystery. Besides, our Self-Defense Forces material didn't fly in that time as we finished all the training before 19:20 the same day." (Translated by Google Translate)


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  1. My name is Wayne W. Wierzbicki. I live in Portage Indiana. My departed father Frank L. Wierzbicki was a close dear friend of Mr. Yukio Seino, the owner of Yonezawa Newspaper Company. They met when my father was stationed in Japan after our country's terrible conflicts in WWII. You can verify this with Mr. Seino if he is still with us. He should be approximately 84 years old now.

    The reason I stating this is because I do not want anybody to question my integrity and truth as to what I and my brother in law had witnessed yesterday at 9:30 PM. We both went into my back yard to let the dogs outside. Yesterday was July 4th, which is my country's Independence Day. It is expected to see fireworks in the sky on this day. What we saw last night were no fireworks. My brother in law first saw the nine orange lights above the east side of my home. The lights were slowly traveling westbound. Not in any particular formation, but they were traveling in somewhat order across the sky. After we observed these lights we noticed that they were not losing altitude. They were going straight across the horizon? A couple of the lights were catching up to others, then they backed off again. This lasted approximately 10-15 minutes before we lost sight of them into a tree line that is to the west of my home about 1500 meters away.

    I wish that we had a video camera or even our cell phones however we were not anticipating seeing such a phenomenon. We were awe struck. Did we just witness UFO's?

    They were all orange which is not airplane light colors. It was a little cloudy so we can see a little flickering to the lights, but that could have been caused by the clouds. This made me do a search on lights in the sky which brought me to this sight. It is just pure coincidence that my father knew Mr. Seino. I personally had the pleasure to meet Mr. Seino when he visited my Mother after his many years of searching for my father. Unfortunately, the two friends never did meet face to face again after my father left Japan. Mr. Seino was about 6 months too late. My father had passed at the age of 64.

    Nevertheless, if anyone would like to chat with me about this phenomenon you can e-mail me at waynerolloff@gmail.com.
    I live 3 miles just south of Lake Michigan in the quaint town of Portage Indiana.

    One other strange thing is, I have three airports within a 75 mile radius of my home. There is Gary Airport in Gary Indiana, 20 miles from my home, Midway Airport in Chicago is 45 miles from my home, and O'Hare Airport in Chicago is 70 miles from my home.

    One of these airports should have seen these lights on their screens in my opinion. Any ideas on how to obtain airport radar information?

    Wayne W. Wierzbicki