Mysterious Spherical Object suddenly appears on Giant Asteroid Itokawa

Since its launch on March 9, 2003, the asteroid explorer Hayabusa has succeeded in interplanetary flights. After its 2 billion kilometer journey, Hayabusa arrived at the asteroid Itokawa on September 12, 2005 and has carried out scientific observations on the asteroid since then.

New images of the giant Asteroid Itokawa (Its size is 540m x 270m x 210m) taken by Hayabusa JAXA Asteroid Explorer probe shows a huge mysterious spherical object above the so-called ‘Woomera Desert’ of the asteroid.

The ‘Woomera Desert’ is a large basin and there is a high probability that the basin is actually a large scale-crater. (The name was picked from the ‘Woomera Desert’ in South Australia.)

What is this incredible object and from where it come?

There are researchers who say that some asteroids are used by aliens as Extraterrestrial outposts.

Why has Japan so much interest in this big asteroid rather than many others?

Is it possible that Japan has discovered such an alien outpost on the asteroid Itokawa?

In the following video Mundodesconocido provides an analysis on this object, including detailed images of this mysterious object.