Lt. George Gorman, A national guard pilot, had his journey with the unknown on the day October 1, 1948.

After some night flying around the city, he received hid clearance to land from the control tower at 9:00 PM with a warning that a Civilian Piper Cub Airplane was in the vicinity that Gorman could see just 500 feet below him. All of a sudden something like tail lights of different airplane captured his attention. He radioed the control tower confirming if it was another plane, but the tower only identified Gorman’s F-51 and a Piper Cub in their radar. Gorman went to investigate. He got within 1000 feet and got a good look at the uncharted aircraft. Gorman said that lights can be seen on and off from the object.

The extremely fast object was displaying unconventional flight characteristics. He saw no exhaust from the disc-shaped UFO and heard not a sound. Gorman knew that the object was something that governed by the laws of inertia. Its acceleration was rapid but not immediate, albeit it was able to turn dramatically at high speed, it still followed a natural curve. It made a sharp turn heading straight towards Gorman’s F-51. Gorman was able to dodge the unknown object. The UFO turned and again flying straight toward the F-51. The UFO was like playing games on him. Just before the UFO hit Gorman’s F-51, it made an unbelievable move, streaking straight upward. Gorman approaches the UFO one last time, but his plane stalled at 14,000 feet. Gorman struggled to control his plane. His F-51 at 400 mph was no match for the unknown object.

Gorman served over 20 more years in the military before retiring but, his close encounter of the unknown will never retire from his mind.

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