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Extra-Terrestrial Life in Space: Sea Plankton discovered living on the surface of the ISS

Scientists stumbled upon a unique discovery in outer space.

A team of Russian scientists aboard the International Space Station (ISS) say they made a “unique” discovery while analyzing samples from the exterior of the International Space Station – traces of living plankton, tiny sea creatures on the station’s windows and walls. They made the discovery of extra-terrestrial life during a routine cleaning polishing mission of the outside surface of the ISS, reported by RT, Yahoo and other news agencies.

Incredibly, the tiny organisms were found to be able to survive in the vacuum of space, in zero gravity, extreme temperatures, while being belted by cosmic radiation and despite a lack of oxygen.

Itar-Tass news agency quoted the chief of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev; “Plankton in such phases of development is found on the surface of the oceans. It isn’t characteristic to Baikonur,” referring to Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan from where crew and cargo deliveries to ISS are launched and so far it is still unclear how the plankton could get all the way to the ISS.

Last year another amazing discovery was made by scientists from the University of Sheffield.

They believe they have discovered tiny organisms from space in the Earth's atmosphere.

The microbugs (image left) were found on a research balloon they had sent 27km (16.7 miles) into the atmosphere. (Video).

Professor Milton Wainwright said: "If life does continue to arrive from space then we have to completely change our view of biology and evolution," he added. "New textbooks will have to be written!"

Additional a full documentary in HD on "The Microscopic Universe".

Within our immense universe lies a lesser-known world of tiny particles. From strange neutrinos that pass right through matter to mysterious objects with names like MACHOs and WIMPs. Find out how this miniature world might hold the key to understanding the cosmos.



  1. This finding on the International Space Station makes it clear that the earth is surrounded by an aura of life,
    at least in the form of plankton.
    Though the particular type of plankton
    has not been identified,
    it has been established that it is not the type of plankton,
    which would have possibly been picked up from the delivery launch area of Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan .
    Were the plankton picked up before launch,
    doubtless the extreme heat would have destroyed them.
    The ISS has been orbiting the earth since 1998 at an
    altitude of between 330 km / 205 mi and 435 km /270 mi
    It is clear that if they are first lifted from the sea into the atmosphere by rising air currents and winds,
    when those winds dissipate that the plankton carries on
    at their own steam as though drifting in the seas.
    The oceans have been here some 4,400 billion years,
    it must be posited that what ever means the plankton
    has used to make it into space onto the ISS,
    has been going on since that time.
    The unthinkable alternative is that the deeps, of space,
    is full of this life form,
    which of course will give the evolutionists new material,
    other than asteroids,
    with which to rework their theories
    of the seeding of life on earth.


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