Unexplained Lights at the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel

Mufon case 58886:

This 30sec exposure shot was made on a tripod, on midnight, at shores of the Dead Sea, Israel, while I was calibrating my camera for further long-exposure night shots.

Those orbs/lights revealed on my Nikon D90 DSLR 3" preview monitor, and I didn't see them in real time - with my own eyes.

Then, I took another few shots hoping to get rid of those "disturbing artifacts", though surprisingly they appeared in different locations and apparently were moving too. Additional shots caught them all in different locations, moving etc. Hence, without further ado, I took my stuff and went back to the hotel. Im uploading only the best picture I've made. Reported on 2014-08-13. Date of sighting 2009-12-15.

Mufon case 58896:

I was on holiday in Scotland in May 2013, I was taking a couple of pics from our hotel to show my daughter the view from the hotel, when I got home and was downloading pics to my computer, I noticed the unusual glowing light like a mark in one of the pics and I swear I did not add the light. Reported on 2014-08-13 Date of sighting 2013-05-15.