Huge anomaly in the solar space linked to Comet Lovejoy?

Two space watchers noticed a strange anomaly in the solar space.

Muynhauzen74 “when viewing the various satellite images I saw a huge anomaly in the lens of the satellite HI1.” He wonders what this anomaly might be.

DarkSkyWatcher74 noticed the same anomaly. After analysis of the anomaly he said “It is odd that the comet Lovejoy from 2011 is still showing at 1AU if it is on a 600 year orbit. This comet was supposed to break up, but it didn’t and it shouldn’t be there. Verifying the orbit is what found the anomaly in front of the comet.”

Darkskywatcher 74 "I'm not really sure why it would show Lovejoy at 1 AU. The fact it did it on both comps even after updating list. I checked other comets that have passed already right down do ISON which is did fizzle out the program shows none of those to be stuck or looping after perihelion until their actual next perihelion. This could be nothing or it could be a door to something huge. Researching and verifying the orbit and dates lead me to the imagery. I am extremely curious to know about this object (ufo) as it seems to speed up slightly and does so independent of Lovejoy."

Video Muynhauzen74:


Video Darkskywatcher74:



  1. Nice catch.
    Significant evidence.
    I long ago postulated that some thing like this was going on, but never had visual proof.

    ~ V.

  2. concerning second video box, second video... ie vid After the main topic.

    An extra dimensional massive celestial body.
    It can only be caught if conditions are right.
    It is on a Different vibrational frequency than we.

    ~ Varakienen.


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