Huge Cigar Shaped UFO in the clouds over Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco

Tourist photographed huge cigar shaped UFO.

We had just ended our  charity walk across the Atlas Mountains and this was our first day of a bit of tourism.

The photo was shot in Ait Ben Haddou, Morrocco which is a very popular place for filming. At the time of the visit, they were filming a religious documentary...I believe it was Italian producers, hence the crosses on the picture.

I was not aware of any unusual noise at the time. The only time I noticed the UFO was when I uploaded the pictures at home and noticed something strange at the far left (3 quarter up) of the picture.

I then checked this picture against a couple of other pictures I had taken seconds before and after from the same spot and towards the same direction and there was nothing to see in the other pictures. Mufon case 59612.


  1. for some reason i feel like this image is a mental trigger plant. the string with the knot in it seems out of place


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