Mysterious Orb of light passing across a child's room, proof of a Spirit Orb?

When people caught orbs on their photos or cam taken at home, they may wonder if their house could be haunted. Orbs can, in fact, occur anywhere, not just at haunted locations.

Some people think that such an orb is a spirit or lingering energy from deceased entities and other people say it’s just a speck of dust reflecting light.

The so-called spirit orbs appear in many different shapes and colors, with white orbs being the most common. Some are interdimensional orbs, opening up in other worlds, like the well known doughnut shape or ‘archon’.

Orbs seem to be doorways but has yet to be proved that this is a spirit or an interdimensional being or intelligence, but it does seem that there is a conscious mind behind the orbs and it seems that these kind of energy balls travel via energy lines.

Mysterious Orb of light passing across a child's room.

Proof of a Spirit Orb?

Witness: “My son told us that he was seeing strange things in his room at night. We did not believe him. He took it upon himself to prove that he is not a liar.”

“He setup his laptop and webcam to run all night while he sleeps. It took him several nights, but he did capture something. We do not know what it is. Listen carefully for the voices.”

“What can be observed is that it is a real object that can interact and influence matter. It can materialize and de-materialize through solid objects. Based on the behavior of interacting with objects at high speeds it cannot be a speck of dust or insect.”

The mysterious "Spirit" Orb was attracted by an energy vortex near the child's bedroom, or electromagnetic field in the house?



  1. I believe this is not fake, for I have lived in a flat a couple of years ago where I used to see something very much like this one the video shows and my girlfriend at the time witnessed it too.


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