Pilots spot unknown flying humanoid at 3,500ft over Macclesfield near Manchester, UK

Pilots on a passenger plane were stunned when a “flying man” zipped past the side of their aircraft at 3,500ft as they flew over Macclesfield.

According to Macclesfield Express and Openmindstv, the incident occurred during the afternoon of June 13, 2014. The plane, an Airbus 320, was making its landing approach at Manchester Airport when the pilots saw this “flying man” zipping through the sky within 100 meters (approximately 328 feet) of the plane.

The pilots initially thought that the individual must be a paraglider. But the witnesses didn’t see a canopy. The sighting was reported to air traffic control, but the UFO did not appear on radar.

The incident was investigated by the UK Airprox Board, a group tasked with reviewing near-miss reports. The investigation revealed that there were no paragliders, parachutists, or balloonists in the area at the time of the incident.

Representatives from the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association say that weather conditions at the time of the sighting “would have made it impossible for a lone flyer to be in the area.” Aviation experts admitted they were baffled by the sighting of the flying human, who has been dubbed the 'Superman of Macclesfield'.

Sightings of flying humanoids are one of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries. These rare events first gained worldwide attention after several reports from Mexico in the early 2000s, but their history and reach goes far beyond that.

Looking at the ancient legends and myth of flying entities, beings with mystical powers, we might wonder if in ancient times these beings were actually ancient astronauts.

To the south from Algeria on plateau Tassil in the center of desert Sahara a number of wall paintings has been found.

The wall paintings show human-like beings in spacesuits and helmets. It is believed that ancient artists tried to represent ancient astronauts who most likely came to Earth and came in contact with the locals and gave them their ancient knowledge of 'the Law of Vibrations'.

This ancient knowledge is completely forgotten and lost or there are people or beings here on earth who still use the ancient knowledge of 'the Law of Vibrations', like the Shaman from Africa who have learned how to increase their vibrations to be able to levitate and even fly.

But sightings of flying humanoids are so rare and strange, that our mind that simply do not accept, but what if it is real?

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