Possible humanoid statue found on planet Mars

The latest image of mars rover Curiosity shows what appears to be a humanoid statue, similar to the statue of the mythological figure Heracles found on a mountain in Kermanshah in Iran.

Statue on Mars

The statue in Iran represents Heracles (Hercules/Herakles) when he was at Behistun in the Kermanshah Province of West Iran. It was carved on the mount in 148 BCE.

Image statue Mars enlarged and image statue Heracles in Iran

Note: Heracles was widely considered the ancestor of the Seleucid dynasty in Persia (Iran) and he appears to have assimilated at least aspects of the old Iranian divinity of power Verethragna (the Persian god of victory and the personification of aggressive triumph, the god of Vrahran – Fire). Ancient beliefs surrounding the planet Mars, might be compared with traditions surrounding Heracles, the identification of the strongman with the red planet being common in Hellenistic times.

Despite the comparison with Heracles, the human-like figure on Mars can be just an oddly shaped rock.

Link original NASA image: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/00771/mcam/0771MR0033150050403893E01_DXXX.jpg

Link image Heracles Iran: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/46072079


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