UFOs and the Breakaway Security State: Black Budget and ET Politics

Listen to Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford scholar and prolific author Dr. Joseph Farrell as they reveal the hidden dealings of a secret breakaway group operating inside the national security state with covert knowledge of UFOs, black budget finances, advanced technology, and occult rituals.

Dr. Farrell's work focuses on what he refers to as a "Tower of Babel" moment as he uncovers the obscure trail of hidden warfare between ancient humans who were technologically advanced and interstellar travelers referred to as 'The Watchers" who interfered with humanity in esoteric science and genetics and put a space quarantine in place to prevent earthlings from rising into the heavens again.

Are the extraterrestrial watchers back to see if their human cousins are engaged in dangerous technological development and building a new Tower of Babel?

Black budget financing, advanced Nazi bell technology, UFO sightings, alien contact, secret moon bases, and occult symbolism in crop circles are just some of the controversial subjects in this intense and highly informative Dark Journalist episode!



  1. Here is ABSOLUTE PROOF for an alien presence - they will never doubt again.
    Simply have them place the following bumper sticker on their Car...


    Then take a relaxing country drive. Since ET does not exist you have nothing to fear, right? Bring a camera. I guarantee your new YouTube Video will be called FAKE or mysteriously disappear & replaced with a Hollywood Hack Job. Your camera confiscated, death threats made, hard drive erased by Visitors in pseudo military garb and/or men in black.
    You will never doubt again...

    "Houston we have a problem."

  2. Nice photo of the shuttle's external fuel tank, jettisoned at about 8.5 minutes after liftoff!


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