The Secret Space Fleet

The term "whistle blower" is a commonly used term. Richard D Hall’s contention is that any genuine whistle blower would not be granted air time in mainstream media.

Important whistle blowers such as Dr Judy Wood are not widely know about. Another whistle blower who has not been given much coverage in mainstream is Edgar Fouche.

Fouche worked in a technical role for the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years and in 1998 published details of an aerial vehicle he claims has been developed in secret by the N.S.A. and U.S.A.F. The performance characteristics are mind boggling, using a field propulsion.

In this lecture Richard argues that NASA is effectively a cover organization to keep the public amused by presenting so-called new technologies (actually technologies already development years and years ago) to keep the public passive so they not question on the space program and what’s going on with the N.S.A and U.S.A.F. regarding air force development, because behind the scenes they are running the real space program and NOT the NASA.

The more advanced space vehicles and exploration program have been secretised and are being kept well away from public scrutiny.