UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #11 - Nov 30, 2014

Case 1: Cigar shaped alien craft spotted over Maryland – March 5, 2014.

My girlfriend and I both saw a UFO at the same time. We both saw it from inside of our car. We were driving back home to Montgomery County in Maryland from Howard County in Maryland on Route 108. We were driving from the east to the west, specifically from the northeast to the southwest, more or less.

I believe we were still in Howard county around the town of Clarksville – or Highland – when we saw the UFO on the right side of our car – the passenger side. It was not very far away from us, as there were some tall power lines – or a cell tower of some kind – off the road in the field to the distance from us on the right of our car and a bit ahead of us as we traveled toward it on the left.

It’s hard to tell if it was one tower or a series of power line towers but I will look more closely the next time we drive by and see what it actually is and exactly where it is in relation to the road (Route 108).

The UFO was moving toward the tower – and then STOPPED! It stopped by the tower right after we both noticed it up in the sky. It was NOT very far away from us. My girlfriend asked, “What is THAT?!” … I saw it, too, at the same time and also said, “Yeah, what IS that?!” “It’s not a plane, I can tell you that.” she added, as she rolled down the window to try to hear any sounds coming from it. I slowed down the car. Neither of us heard anything at all. Then I said, “It’s not a helicopter, either, because I can’t hear anything – and that’s too big to be a helicopter – and planes don’t just STOP like that.”

It had red and green lights that were slowly going on and off. The lights were the first things we both noticed before seeing the object itself. It appeared horizontally long, like a metallic cigar in the sky by the tower.

Then my girlfriend said, “I have a creepy feeling. We should speed up. Whatever that is, I have never seen anything do that before.” So, I sped up, and as I did so, the object began to move again and was heading in OUR direction.

My girlfriend said, “It’s coming this way, toward the road. GO!” So I went even faster, and she took her seat belt off to look at it pass over the car and off behind us in the direction of the area behind my side of the car – back from the area of Howard county where we were coming from, back in the northeast direction, sort of.

She looked at it as it sped off quickly, and the lights disappeared – and then the object itself disappeared. There was no sound of a helicopter or an airplane going over us from up above as you would normally hear. Then it was gone – and we continued to drive back home. Note: The above image is a rendering.

Case 2: Cigar shaped object over Bandera Texas – August 2, 2014.

My husband and I were sitting in the backyard so that I could smoke an after-brunch cigarette and facing the SE. Dragonflies and butterflies, among other bugs and birds, were flying around. I love watching them all so I try to catch every movement.

In front of me but at a good long distance away, a movement caught my eye and I watched it zip from my right to left a short distance and disappear all within three seconds. As it faded, there were some leaves and limbs in the path of my view from a certain point and the object was never seen through it or from the other side of it.

The edges were somewhat blurry like a heat signature, but the color and details were clearer than I would have expected. It was about two inches long by 1/4 inch wide; yellow like a bee with black detail or windows, maybe both, on the top half.

I only saw it for 3 seconds and still can’t believe how much I saw since I can’t even see the details on a dragonfly flying by but I can see its shape and wings.

After it registered in my head that it was not a normal object, I told my husband what I saw and we discussed it. I didn’t want to report it, but then decided if there was a similar report that I would report it. Doing a search in the data base for a cigar, gold to copper, the first person revealed seems to have seen a similar object just a couple of weeks ago so here I am. Note: The above image is a rendering.

Case 3: Cylinder shaped UFO photographed over Trinidad, Flores in Uruguay – November 29, 2014.

I am a journalist of Trinidad, Flores, Uruguay and took some pictures of a neighborhood of Trinidad. After reviewing the photos on the PC, I found in one of the pictures an elongated object.

Case 4: Black cylinder shaped UFO object witnessed over Arizona – November 14, 2014.

I witnessed a black, cylinder-shaped UFO in Phoenix, Arizona. On 11/14/2014 at 2:15 pm, I witnessed a black cylinder shaped object floating in the sky at the Interstate-10 entrance on Chandler Blvd. in Arizona.

I did not have a chance to pull over and study it very closely because I was waiting to turn left at a red light. From inside my car it appeared to be about 1 to 2 feet in length and it was vertical.

I was about to turn left (west) on the I-10 freeway when I noticed the object in the North sky sitting low and motionless above oncoming traffic. It was definitely not a balloon. It was low enough to tell there were no strings attached and the object looked really solid.

That is, it wasn’t bobbing or weaving like a balloon. At first I thought it might have been a drone but there were no propellers or wings. There were no lights on it that I could see. I couldn’t tell if it was making any kind of sound because I was in the car. There were no streetlights or power lines near it so it couldn’t have been attached to anything.

However, there was a street light about 20 yards in front of it and it appeared to be hovering at about the same height, maybe a little higher. No one else seemed to notice it. That is, no one pulled over to take a closer look. Was this a drone? Has anyone seen something similar or am I going crazy?

I’ll check again tomorrow on my way home from work to see if it’s still there. Although I doubt it, I drive the same route every day and this was the first time I’ve ever seen something like this.

P.S. My mom has had multiple UFO encounters over the years. I’m in my 30’s and this is the first experience I have ever had. I’m usually the smug skeptic that rolls her eyes at these sorts of stories. Maybe I should change my tune. Note: The above image is a rendering.

Thanks to Ken Pfeiffer