Weird object found on the surface of Mars

On November 27, 2014 Mars Rover Curiosity captured this strange object.

Maybe it’s a broken part of a machine, vehicle or extraterrestrial spacecraft, but really, I have no explanation what this object could be. 

What do you think?

SOL 821 - Mastcam: Right - 2014-11-27 20:06:02 UTC
Link to the original image:


  1. OH COME ON!
    How can people Keep saying that its just a Rock. that we are seeing more into things than it really IS?

    This is either a fragment of bone, or an artificial object. But it sure isnt a rock!

  2. Well, this can the missing old African style CROWN of a leading King Barack Hussein Obama, whose ancient head resemblance was found in the same area on Mars. Now, how he got there and why, let's hope new founds may explain all this funny and fully unearthly mystery story... This, how ever, maybe will show are just very rocky founds.

  3. It looks like a chopped off tail fin fossil of a large prehistoric fish.

  4. Man,that the same shape as my vacuum nozzle for my car...psshhttt...realy?...find suum worth finding, a bar...

  5. Hmm, another good catch I think. It certainly doesn't fit in with the surrounding terrain or appear naturally formed, unless it was part of an animal. With no tracks visible from the rover to indicate it's something that's fallen off it.

    Keith W

  6. Beagles phony mission to Mars set up the first jump room to allow humans to travel to Mars instantly. That technology which was used throughout the 1960s is now obsolete to the point it makes Windows 3.1 look brand new. The point is our governments secret technology stays secret and science fiction writers have been paid massive amounts of money to fill their work with what is called disinformation. There is plenty of proof that there is current humanoid life Mars and plenty of evidence that there are artificial objects there as well. As for those two civilians who are taking a one way trip to Mars, they won't be flying in a space shuttle type they let the public know about, there will not be any radiation issues when flying into Mars atmosphere as NAsa is trying to hype it up and make it a big deal that this is a big problem they have to overcome. It's all bullshit to get you swayed into believing what is NOT the truth.

  7. Well, that just totally stands out, looks artificial to me, not a rock!


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