Aliens exist and we should avoid them if we want to live

Stephen Hawking thinks that making contact with aliens would be a very bad idea indeed. But with new, massive telescopes, we humans are stepping up the search. Have we really thought this through?

Extraterrestrial Life might not be friendly, so humans might want to curb attempting to contact them.

The famed physicist warns that trying to talk with aliens could get us all killed. That humans might want to stop attempting to communicate with aliens, because discovering their existence and making contact may not be in our species’ best interest. He noted that aliens discovering Earth might be more like “V” than “E.T.”

According to theguardian Hawkins says “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”



  1. there are certainly some species out there which do not excel in advancements, and thus being lower on the ladder must try to compete for mundane resources.
    How ever, there are species out there with advancements enough to not need to step on others toes as much.
    They tap zero point energy, and other types we cannot even fathom. they create matter out of gas giant planets and stars them selves for what they may need physically.

    I am some what skeptical that Hawkings is really so limited or narrow minded in scope of understanding calculation and imagination that he may not understand this.
    How ever, i suspect he may know such, and dwells on the "What IF" we encounter a nasty race First, aspect of the subject.

    That being said. I am also sure he already understands that we have been visited for a very long time indeed by Many cultures races, and organizations.
    If not, then some one needs to Tell him. lol.

  2. I believe his theory/fear has already happened

  3. I like Mr. Hawking's comment. I believe that there are a lot of advanced alien civilizations out there... but, I think the chances of finding an advanced, intelligent alien race out there that would want to conquer us, or harm us would be very very slim, slimmer than winning the lottery.

  4. We could very well become the aliens we so fear. someday we shall use all our resources and become the nomads he speaks of. if we make it that far without burning our own world in the process that is. one disaster and we will be back at square one all over again and slowly our swelled population will wither into ash and decease.

  5. When i was young about 20 years ago we tried to communicate with ghost. you know medium connection by writing on paper. I asked what will happened with aliens and the ghost (medium) write : you will fight with aliens soon and you need to unite and use every one for war. i asked who will win the war? and the ghost answered : we will win because we are so much more than they . our population is our power and they cant kill all of us. now i think Mr Hawkins may know something and trying to warn us.

    1. You were attempting Channeling my friend.
      Ouija boards, fee writing or spirit writing, seance, and more. The problem with channeling is several fold.
      One, you NEVER quite know whom or what you are in contact with. What their knowledge base actually IS, can they be trusted, what their agenda is, and so fourth. This means can also be used to contact aliens BTW.
      Demons, are alien, if you did not know that already. Just as a example. But also typical aliens can also be contacted, as they are quite psychic and sensitive.
      If you contacted a past human spirit, you are subject to the following... a little bit of insight they have garnered from the other side. (Not at all perfect infallible insight.) and thier own opinion to go along with it.
      They maybe privy to glimpses of info or spotty visions of "possible" futures. Not guaranteed futures. its the same with our own remote viewers.
      And then they form thier own opinion about what little they know or saw, just like any one would.
      My advice to you is this. Do Not write what you have garnered in stone.
      Thier are agenda's and miss info on all sides effecting such communications.

      My own research suggests that the powers that be will perpetrate a False Flag alien invasion, to scare the mass's and attempt to unite the planet under a New World Order.
      This is Not a true alien invasion, but will be made to look like one with evidences that main stream science will not easily be able to refute, as it will be done Using captured or traded alien technologies.

      Any how. remain open minded and always seek now data. write Nothing in stone. Allow your opinion and conclusion room for change.

      Be well.


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