Hy'Brasil: A Portal to Another World?

The mythical island of Hy'Brasil and it's relation to the Rendlesham forest UFO encounter.

Is the ancient mythical island of Hy'Brasil a portal for otherworldly beings?

Hy'Brasil is very similar to the lost city of Atlantis - the key difference being that Hy'Brasil actually has many first person accounts written about it. In addition, many of these accounts cause Hy'Brasil to be even more mysterious than Atlantis.

In tales of folklore, Hy'Brasil's name is derived from the word Breasal, meaning "The High King Of the World."

According to legend, Hy'Brasil appears only once every seven years. It is supposedly shrouded by a thick fog or covered by the ocean in some way.

In 1674, a man by the name of Captain John Nisbet claimed he spotted the island on his voyage from France to Ireland. Strangely, the captain said the island's inhabitants were large black rabbits and a mysterious magician whom lived in a large stone castle completely alone.

Other adventurers have noted highly advanced culture that uses some form of beats or music to move large objects along with golden roofs and domes around the island.

Interestingly, Hy'Brasil actually appears on several older maps off the east coast of Ireland from 1375 to 1595 . Due to the lack of technology, the island seems to appear in several different places. Still, explorers found something, and consistently did so as referenced by these maps.

But the Hy'Brasil mystery only deepens.... In a famous UFO encounter known as the "Rendleshem Forest Incident" a mysterious craft lands outside of a US military base in the UK. A man, Jim Penniston, happens to touch this craft and immediately receives 16 pages of binary code burned directly into his mind.

Jim writes down the code the next day and decades later has it translated.

The code translates into "Exploration of Humanity 666 8100", it lists very specific coordinates of Hy'Brasil island, says "Continuous for Planetary Advancement," "Fourth Coordinate Continuous".

Below that the message then lists the coordinates of several ancient sites such as the pyramids of Giza.

At the bottom it ends with says "EYES OF YOUR EYES." ORIGIN, lists the coordinates of Hy'Brasil again.

Then says the ORIGIN year is 8100.

Just why does this mysterious message list the coordinates of Hy'Brasil? What really is the island Hy'Brasil and why is there so much emphasis placed on it in the message?