ISS Astronaut evades questions about UFOs during Live Interview

A NASA astronaut is interviewed and then the public asked questions about UFOs.

The astronaut is clearly surprised by this question and he tries to buy time by saying that he did not understand the question.

Finally, he tries to evade the question whether he has seen UFOs or not by saying that he can see the stars, the moon, etc.

This interview makes clear that NASA has given clear instructions to the astronauts that they should not talk about UFOs.



  1. loser lol why not say the true and get off from it 1 and for all lets say it to the world UFO is f.uking real and stop bulishts s the ppl r not stupids stupids nasa and all the f.uking government stop say to the publik ther is no notfing ther all nowe the real true so stop the lies and all bi great howe about lets s the ppl the true and wi real f.uking gonna handel this what you say about that ha ? gl

  2. You are right, although he could be talking in a foreign language to me, oh wait he is haha ;)


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