Planetary alignment sign for potential massive Earthquake in the Haiti-Dominican Republic regions in January 2015

A planetary alignment will take place within the next several days with 8 of 9 planets on the same side of the Sun while the Earth, Mercury and Venus are geocentrically aligned.

According The Barcaroller, a significant hyper symmetry from past Earthquakes in the Haiti-Dominican Republic regions (1751, 1770, 1842, 1946 and 2010) expressing mirrored planetary geometry with the inner solar system of planets being at close alignment may indicate a high risk for significant Earthquake during Jan 28-31, 2015.

Astrocartography and celestial resonance also highlight an earthquake potential reaching near Magnitude 7.2 during this time frame around the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Zone which is in-between both the Gonave microplate and the Caribbean Plates.


Also MrMB333 warns us that this planetary alignment is almost identical to the alignment back in December, 2004. While TheBarcaroller predicts a 7.2+quake, MrMB333 expects that within this month a major earthquake will occur similar to the 9.3 quake which caused the devastating tsunami on December 26, 2004.