Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology – Cheney ran secret Mars Colony Corporation

Exopolitical revelations emerged from participants USMCss Capt. Randy Cramer and UK Town Councilor in a two-hour roundtable on the future of Earth-Mars relations and human relations with reptilian and Mantid extraterrestrials.

According to UK Town Councilor Simon Parkes, Mars devastated surface and ecology, and intelligent civilizations may be the result of a surprise nuclear first strike that the Pleiadian made against a Draco reptilian base on Mars.

The Roundtable also revealed that Richard B. Cheney, Vice-President during the George W. Bush administration (2001-2009), was the leader of the secret Mars colony and the US Mars Colony Corporation which the US Mars Defense Force was deployed on Mars to defend. Read full article at



  1. the one in the midle is clearly making stuff up by the way hes talking ......cmone

  2. That, was fascinating.
    More than merely tiny tidbits of new data that helped fill in puzzle pieces and make them fit more accurately But, In that there was more than one conversation going on at the same time. there was underlining tones and subtleties, between the two guests.
    They tested each others knowledge a little, and even called each other out with borderline innuendo. But made overt effort to not out right reveal things about one another and step on the others toes.
    I am more perceptive than most. And I can tell you that a little more went on here than meets the standard ear or eye.
    The game was afoot.
    I'm only a 3rd of the way through watching. Lets see what else...


  3. There is a bigger message here.
    About the state of the alien union, some of its history, Karma, even what I like to refer to in the human race as... the Grand experiment.
    It is mentioned that some species are stymied, or locked in their development, and that they can potentially piggy back on the awakening and ascension of another species.
    I believe to a great extent that this is why man is so important. That interfering "directly" with its advancement and evolution has been forbidden for so long, despite that they have been with us since the start.
    There is a Lot riding on us, and its not merely about territory and resources which concern a physical environment mentality.
    But there are forces which use us, and feed upon us in many ways which are Not ready to move forward. They are determined to try to keep the status quo as long as possible.
    They bleed technology and power and knowledge to influence the Illuminati, whom do their work for them.
    But its not even as simple as That.



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